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Ancient Mariner Complaints & Reviews

Ancient Mariner - British Columbia, Vancouver / Bad Business

Jan 21, 2015

I was a client of Ancient Mariner. I dealt with the owner, Ken Meilkejohn. He breached our contract and never finished the job for my shop's grand opening date. He is rude, and treats his clients like garbage. I asked for references and he never sent me any. All he did was send me a link to his own webpage. I did my own research, found previous companies that did business with and all of them informed me they had the same issues. Not completing the job, keeping deposits he was not entitled to, not responding to emails or phone calls. He screwed me over and kept my money. I plan to persue...

Ancient Mariner - British Columbia, Vancouver / Stealing deposits

Jun 18, 2014

Ken Meiklejohn, the name behind Ancient Mariner Group is only a thief. He is using the history of the company and collecting deposits without delivering the work. He has a fictional story about Ancient Mariner and he present himself as the owner and sometimes as the president of the company. He has stolen thousands of dollars from different clients, trades and people in the industry. Please be careful with him. I lost thousand of dollars trusting this low-life!!! He has many websites