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Amp'd Mobile Complaints & Reviews

Amp'd Mobile / Are they insane?


One month after buying cell phones and a contract for cell phone service, the Angel phone started acting up. Contacting customer service became frustrating to say the least. Wait for over an hour and a half on hold and then get disconnected. When I had gotten my blood pressure back under control, I would try again... and again... and again. Finally after literally weeks of calls, a customer service rep tells me that they are having problems with that phone and will send out a new phone. NO replacement was EVER sent. One call on my day off, I sat for over 4 hours on hold, only to be told that...

Amp'd Mobile / Unfair practices!


I purchased an ampd mobile phone a couple months ago. I had problems from the beginning, i ported my number out to them and that took about 2 weeks. I had many problems with the Customer care department they didn't know why my phone number was not working. After that got resolved i received my first bill and it was 128.00 dollars. I signed up for the 49.99 a month plan and was told by an ampd mobile rep that the total cost the bill could be was 65.00 a month with taxes. I called them and was told that the entire first month is prorated, which i was not told at the earlier date, and that...

Amp'd Mobile / They rip people off!


This company is HORRIBLE!!! I purchased a Hollywood Pay-as-you go phone for my 10 yr old daughter in February 07. Circuit City had it on sale for $ 129.99 and that I would get a rebate for $ 100.00 from Amp'd Mobile. I sent in all my paperwork on 2-21-07 and last week I finally decided to call customer service to find out where my rebate check was. Spoke with a very polite lady and she told me that they weren't doing the rebate checks anymore but giving the customers $ 120.00 credit over the next four months. Okay, my daughter is 10 and she barely uses 20.00 in two months - so I...

Amp'd Mobile / Lousy billing and customer service


I signed up with Amp'd Mobile on the internet and bought 2 phones. The phones are fine since they are Motorola. My problem began when I tried to make a payment via the website. I owed 85.17 per phone, I paid that amount in separate transactions. When I got my statement the payment was entered 4 times instead of 2. I said OK just credit my next bill. Anyway that was in march , now it is May and I am still trying to get the money that I paid to be credited to my account! I called last week the person said no problem we will send a corrected bill. I woke up yesterday and my service wa...

Amp'd Mobile / Rebate fraud


I bought an Amp'd Mobile Motorola Hollywood Phone at Circuit City in October for $250. I was supposed to get a $100 rebate. At the end of November they sent me a postcard that said I sent them the wrong UPC. I sent the one that was on the box. I sent the re-submit center a copy of the UPC from the box and a colored-copy of the whole box. One day I spent 4 hours on the phone. I started with Circuit City. They said it was a manufacturer's rebate so I had to contact the Amp'd. They verified that I had purchased the right phone during the right time frame and that I wa...