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AMERICAN LEGAL PROCESSING - Georgia / Fraud and Scam


I had a man by the name of Frank Turner called saying I have a law suit pending and he had all my information. He was calling from American Legal Processing, he wanted to to call him back, he said my name and address was block by the US government and I needed to talk care of this for anythng happen to me. He left his name and number. I google them and found out that this was a scam going around. I called back and left a message not to call my number anymore and I will give his imformation to my lawyer. The number he called from was 717-283-1070, he had an Arabic Accent and in the back ground...

AMERICAN LEGAL PROCESSING - Texas, Marshall / Thteatening Phone Calls


Yesterday I received a phone call from an American Legal Processing stating that i owe $600 to a payday loan that i received in October of 2009. The man had an Indian accent and was very rude to me. He stated that i would have to pay $400 by the next day or the police would be at my house to pick me up. I would then have to pay a additional $2, 000 in court coust. I was scared at first because he had all of my information including my SS#. I dont know what this is but i wish they would leave me alone

AMERICAN LEGAL PROCESSING - Alabama, Birmingham / Threating actions that are not true nor legal


I have received voice mails and conversations with the same man that other consumers have. I have had collection experience for at least 10 years involving first party debt and third party debt. He falls into 3rd party debt collector, and by no means can he threaten anything that he is claiming he can do. He is so breaking every collection law in the book. When a collector is trying to collect bad debt, he is suppose to say the miranda rights first thing. This is a statement that includes this is an attempt to collect a debt and anything you say can and may be recored. Any collection agency worth...