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Alfenloch Persians / kitty

Oct 10, 2018

I bought a beautiful little kitty several months ago from Diane. The little guy was not socialized one bit, not used to having people around, not raised under foot, so to speak.I gave her an option of sending him to BC, but it seemed to early in the day for her to bother. He arrived in BC, after being in the crate for over 8 hours, freaking out.Spent two days crying and wouldn't come near me.I did send her an E Mail telling her, he arrived but no answer from her. Her main goal is money, not the kitties. There are a lot of good breeders out there but I can safely she is not one of them

Alfenloch Persians / Fraud

Jun 16, 2015

Diane, from Alfenloch persians, is selling Kittens that are sick, and have infestations of ringworm, she is breeding these cats and selling them at a high price point. DO NOT purchase these kittens. Diane has frauded us and manipulated us and it saddens us as this is a living creature, and justice should be brought. These animals are sick and you will be spending thousands of dollars on these kittens. This needs to end now. Please do not spend money on these kittens, they need to be treated and we need to take a stand. She is a registered cat breeder and does not deserve that reputation. Do not be fooled by the website and the pictures. It is a scam.