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Aldis Complaints & Reviews

Aldis - Texas, Waxahachie / country pride chicken

Nov 13, 2017

Found what appears to be worms on chicken that came out of a bag of chicken leg quarters. They are not moving but found on cooked pieces and on some still raw. Bag was frozen on Friday within the hour after buying. Defrosted over night in fridge. When I cut the bag open this morning half was still frozen so I boiled the defrosted ones and put the rest back in the fridge. As I was going to cut up chicken after taking a small bite and giving a tiny one to my son I found them. There's no bad smell but that's disgusting. Also that was our meals for the rest of the week so I pretty upset.

Aldis / Happy Farms Cheese

Jun 21, 2016

I bought a block if cheese on 6/21/16 at Aldis located 9215 E 350 Hwy, Raytown, MO 64133 . It was molded really badly. But, the expiration date was valid until Oct. So, I returned Happy Farms cheese back to Aldis on 6/22/16. I have received a refund. But, in most Aldis the fruit is rotten and molding. Aldis must do better. But Aldis doesn't guarantee product freshness. Aldis has lowered quantity of the product per box but raised prices. They must remove spoiled items from the shelves. People can get sick off of spoiled food. I will not return until I know Aldis stores are providing fresh products. I will only shop at Save A-Lot because their products are fresh and stores are clean.