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Ab Circle Pro Complaints & Reviews

Ab Circle Pro - New York, Schenectady / dangerous and scam

Apr 19, 2013

I have been thrown off of the ab circle pro three times now in the short time i have used it. I already have a lot of medical problems and loved the ab circle cause it seemed less strenuous and more relaxed to do. Well i was in for a surprise when i have landed flat on my back on my floor thrown off more than once. Today i got thrown off and really hurt my knee and back. I would like to get a refund of the full purchase price don't still have reciept but bought it about three months ago. Also i would like to let people know before they get seriously injured on it. Also i am sorry but a...

Ab Circle Pro - Queensland, Redland Bay / Roller bearings

Dec 7, 2012

I have purchased the Ab circle Pro and it's almost pretty imposible to use as the noise it makes is too loud, my husband looked at it and said it's the rollers and bearings, i don't think the amount of use it has had and time frame I have owned it that it should be happening also i think it could be dangerous to keep using it.I have read a lot of complaints and they have set up a phone number so as you can obtain free wheels/bearings but it is not an Australian number Hoping I can get these free parts, as I said it shouldn't be happening Kay Surawski

Ab Circle Pro - Tennessee / Dangerous Machine

Nov 29, 2012

I wanted one of these machines real bad so my parents got me a ab circle pro the 2nd time I had ever used it I fell face first The top of the machine lifted up and I came tumbling lucky for me I did not seriously get hurt so I thought I would give it another try so I got on it again my knee slipped right out of the knee pad and I fell again this time having minor bruising to my knee their again lucky that I had no serious injuries THEY ARE DANGEROUS AND SHOULD NOT BE SOLD

Ab Circle Pro - England, Cheshire / Poor Quality

Aug 9, 2012

Purchased an Ab Circle Pro and within a few weeks the roller wheels fell to pieces. The UK DISTRIBUTOR didn't want to know as I hadn't filled the warrantie form in on line. What a cop out they must get out of loads of warranties like this. Lucky I ve found an outfit on the web called I have purchased some upgrade rollers from them and what a difference loads better than the originals Im very impressed with them.

Ab Circle Pro / Got hurt twice on the Ab Circle Pro

Dec 17, 2011

Well I first got hurt when I received the machine as my knees slipped off the knee rest and I hurt my left breast. I had a bruise and pain for about a month but I really thought it was fault. As I kept slipping with minor injuries, I called the company and asked what was going on. I was told that there was a defect on the roller and that they would srend me knee pads and new rollers. Also the red pan of the machine is metal and it has corroded so as I go around the rollers go in there and get rough... As soon as I received the new stuff I changed the rollers, which was not easy and alsdo put...

Ab Circle Pro - Idaho / Replacement Parts

Oct 10, 2011

This company is a joke. If you purchase this machine from a private source (craigslist, friends etc, ) don't bother contacting them for replacement parts because they will say since you did not buy it from us (meaning pay full price) there is nothing they can do for you. Its their machine, they could still make money off the parts!

Ab Circle Pro / product is not working

Sep 30, 2011

hi, this is santosh dagar from delhi i brought ab circle pro at 1 september but this machine work of 7 days only and after that we are complaining to the dealer to make it in working condition but till now it was not done i call at telebuys shop also to replace the machine they said that wait for 2 days and it will done but after that also there was no action taken i was very disapointed my the company and by their work so plz kindly take any action on it.

Ab Circle Pro / Unhappy client

Aug 21, 2011

I bought the ab circle pro in 2009 for about $300 from danoz direct. Worst $300 I ever spent. I was so excited to get some sweet abs but only lasted 2 sessions before I had sores on my knees! I also nearly cut my finger off when my knee slipped out of the horribly made knee pads! The rollers are grinding away leaving plastic shavings everywhere, it doesn't glide properly. The stoppers are also a waste of time as the machine never stays stationary anyway. How they can sell a machine for $300 that performs so poorly is beyond me. It was a bad idea and the last time I EVER buy a gym machine off the tv.

Ab Circle Pro / Need a Replacement

Aug 15, 2011

I have purchased an Ab Circle pro 2010 for £61.74 Order Number : 28534 Receipt Number : 5134-6834-4348-4077 Invoice id : 28534 and later after a month it s rollers use to stucks cause the ring to scratch on which the rollers rolls. After several emails i receive new rollers in 3 months. This really affected my workout and i am not happy with the service. Now when i replace the new rollers its still causing the same problem since day one and rusting the ring more and more. I am sending an atttachment for a clear view. Honestly i am not happy with the product as i feel it will not last long...

Ab Circle Pro / Damage ,wear and tear product

Jun 8, 2011

I purchased Ab circle Pro 3 months back.Already the plastic case where in we put our weight has broken due to its low quality and it has become wear and tear.The durability of the product is worste.I suggest please don't buy this.U can see many complaints on the net.Better u do diet and exercise to keep ur body healthy and fit.U can see the reviews with photo in the net.

Ab Circle Pro / Scam and Rip off

Mar 13, 2011

I finally figured out why my knees hurt so bad in the past few months. It's because of this awful machine. The knee holders are hard plastic and have done a number on me. Wheels only last for three weeks. Then they have grooves that you could hurt yourself if it gets caught on them . I did and then they never get back to you with replacment parts .!!! Dont buy this ! It is poorly put together !!! My husband looked at the broken pieces and found the only thing holding that assembly together, were 3 tiny prongs! The bottom part (which holds the bearings), is heavier than the top, (where the...

Ab Circle Pro - Nevada / Humerous 2 Green Board Fractures


When working out with the ab circle pro, the knee pad slipped from the knee "bowl" and threw my body over the metal bars causing 2 green board fractures to my humerous. I will always have range of motion limitations and pain when arm is in certain positions that are used to dress or when sleeping. All it would have taken was a warning of the knee pads slippimg or a velcro strap being attached around the back of the knee to hold it in the "bowl" to spare me and others from injury, in my opinion. The photographs speak for me. My arm was black and blue from the internal bleeding for weeks and the...

Ab Circle Pro - Nevada, Pahrump / broken Humerus in 2 places using this equiptment


i was working out on this equiptment 7/13/2010 and my knee slipped from the deep cup. I was thrown forward and down on the circle and bar breaking my arm in two places. i am on SSD and have no insurance to get my arm set until August 1st 2010. i called the company and a supervisor said they had no complaints at all untill i called. her name was christine. i also hurt my knee and have pain pills to get me through. i am told i will need surgery to set it but i have to wait because i have no insurance. the corporate is supposed to contact me within 24-48 hours. i have enclosed photograph of my knee and shoulder. the x rays are on a cd if you know how to upload them?

Ab Circle Pro / Terrible Knee Issues Now


Please stay away from this product. It is the most uncomfortable exercise machine I have ever used. I finally figured out why my knees hurt so bad in the past few months. It's because of this awful machine. The knee holders are hard plastic and have done a number on me. The handle bars are so uncomfortable, I don't knowhow anyone could enjoy this thing. Unfortunately, the other day while I was using it, my knees slid out of the machine. I wasn't going that fast, as it's impossilbe to do with this machine. It is just SO poorly made, that an accident was just waiting to...

Ab Circle Pro - Georgia, Augusta / injury


I was using the ab circle when the knee pad slipped and I landed on my knee. causing it to swell severly, it was intense pain. It has been several days and I will be going to the ER today because it hasn't gotten any better. It was the single most painful thing I have ever experienced in my life. When I called to complain to the AB Circle, they informed me they had never heard of anything like that happening, but that they would send me new pads with adhesive on the back, as well as new rollers. I find it hard to believe if there are no injurys that they have new pads readily available...

Ab Circle Pro - New York / back pain/ damage to lower spine


I purchased the ab circle pro after watching how promising it looked on tv. I bought it from ebay knowing that with the TV adds you always get charged top dollar. got the maching set it up thinking wow this is great, used it a few times and felt the back of my arms hurting after the work out. after using it for about a week every day I noticed the screws to the bar holding the knee pads would get loose so I would stop my work out and have to do some work to tighten the machine. after working out which I had increased my workout the bar came loose and my legs were seperated completely which wa...

Ab Circle Pro / Broke Toe


I brought the ab circle pro from walmart and after putting it together and using it, I notice that the pads you put in the knee cups would come out and you would have to keep fixing them in. But the fourth time on it and I was swinging from side to side my left knee came out when it did I came down on the machine and hurt my ribs and the best part about it I broke my left big toe who would have thought something like that would have happen so it cost me a doctor visit (twice) and maybe surgery on it. I would like to know from the rest of you that got hurt if you think there will be a cla...

Ab Circle Pro / rollers


We ordered an Ab Circle Pro from an internet site and got the machine just fine. A while later one of the rollers went bad and we contacted the company that made the machine and were told that we could not get parts for the machine because we did not order it from their company. I have been trying to find out where we can get replacement rollers for this product. Would like to get help with this problem. Thanks

Ab Circle Pro - California / UNSAFE


My hubby bought the Ab Circle for me, for Christmas. I loved it, and used it until Feb. 9th. That day, the left knee pad, (bowl), came apart. I was on the advanced setting. I flew up into the air on the upswing and my whole left side landed on the unit. Starting with the handlebars to my chest, all the way down, and ending up with both sides of the broken bowl crunching my pelvis. I went and had x-rays...bruised ribs. My first ever. Could not drive my manual trans. car for 8 days!!! My husband looked at the broken pieces and found the only thing holding that assembly together, were 3 tiny...

Ab Circle Pro / abcircle pro


Wheels only last for three weeks. Then they have grooves that you could hurt yourself if it gets caught on them . I did and then they never get back to you with replacment parts .!!! Dont buy this ! It is poorly put together !!!