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3 mobile Complaints & Reviews

3 mobile / Bill overcharging

Apr 23, 2013

I had a contract with 3 for 2 years on renewal I agreed with 3 to lower my contract price from £30.00 pm to £24.00 pm. The first month on the new contract they charged me the old contract price. When I complained they admitted error and agreed to reimburse me the following month as the current bill had been raised I had to pay it. The following month they charged me £36.00. When I complained again I got the same reply as the bill had been raised I would have to pay it but I would be reimbursed the following month. On the 3rd month they sent me a bill for £36.00 again. When...

3 mobile - England, Greater Manchester / bill from 2 years ago


Hi, a long time ago, well over three years ago i had a mobile phone from 3 mobile .I wasnt happy with the service but i kept it till the end of the contract.I payed any outstanding bills just to get rid of them.Then i was sent a new phone that i didnt ask for so i sent the phone back to them and phoned up and complained.I thought that this was the end of it.Then i started getting bills for phone charges even though i never took another contract out with them. After a lot of phone calls talking to foreign people that dont understand what you are talking about and all they do is quote from a...

3 mobile - England, Wiltshire, Warminster / renewing a cancelled contract


I changed my phone provider to virgin, hey agreed to pay of my 3 contract. 3 mobile Also agreed. When the contract ended - because I didn't tell them to not renew my Cancelled contract - Er I cancelled it I haven't used thier service for 12months - why in gods name would I want to renew a contract that had been cancelled? Because this the renewed the contract without telling me, or providing a new contract document and billed me for 2 months - I then had to recancel this contract paying another month. Previously I had a 3modile contract with my girlfriend, I informed them I wanted to not...

3 mobile / 3 mobile phone contract


On 2nd January 2008 I purchased an 18 month 3 mobile phone contract on from a Phones4u store in Broadmead, Bristol, UK. As part of this contract I was given a Sony Ericsson K530i handset complete with yearlong warranty. Since August this year I have had some serious technical problems with my handset and have been shocked at the lack of customer service I have received on behalf of 3 mobile. The week starting 11th August I noticed that my handset would inexplicably shut down or freeze. As was this was not something that had happened to my handset prior to the week starting 11th August I decided to...

3 mobile - England, Nottinghamshire / Irresponsible customer service


While rang 3 customer service about the delivery of new contract phone ordered they put me through different sections or departments without a proper reply or answer and after about 20 minutes kept on hold the lady answered the phone said the informations i given were wrong and became very rude. I am an existing customer of 3 since 2005. All i done was ordered a new phone but at the end i found out that there was nothing registered on their system about the new order i made which was done through phone on a nearly half hour conversation with one of their sales team representative...y did she told...