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Jun 23, 2017

I am a South african working and Oman. I am currently on holiday in South Africa and today a deduction of R671.16 was deducted from my credit card. I am not sure what the deduction was for and if it is the only deduction. I will go to my bank tomorrow to find out if any other deductions was made from my account as I do not receive statements from this account. I have not subscribed to this and I have to given anyone permission to deduct money from my account, and would like my money refunded to my account please. kind regards Calvin S Manchest / fraud charges

Apr 25, 2015 [protected] in MUS. company offered a free trial and demanded credit card identification for verification and not for charing any fees. On April 20 they charged my account for $1.03 at 15.07 this charge was declined. Then on the same day three minutes later same charge was accepted. Today Saturday April 25th 2015 a charge of $1.03 at [protected] in MUS was reversed. on the same day and without my personal authorization they charged my account for $49.95 on Apr 25/2015 I consider that charges illegal and considered fraud. I demand such charges be reversed into my account imm and I dont like to receive any service what so ever from such misleading companies. Regards Simon / refund policy misleading

May 27, 2013

Refund policy misleading - also shows in internet search has having title - majority of titles found in dollar bin of B movie trash cans - unflexible in providing refund in 7 days even if you've viewed nothing. Ignore all references to refund in 30 days - not elibible if you sign up for free trial - must cancel within 5 days / Free trial fail

Sep 06, 2012 sent me free trial that was absolutely not free! It cost me $150. I am tired of scam companies like that. Someone has to stop this fraudulence activity forever!