Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Melbourne Metro Area, Victoria, Australia

Harvey Norman / lenovo yoga 920-6b laptop

Jan 18, 2019

Management team - Harvey Norman Av/It Superstore QVH (Shop 9/13 Upper Terrace) Melbourne 3000 Re: Refund for faulty Lenovo Yoga 920-6b laptop To Whom it may concern On 23 November 2018, I purchased a Laptop Lenovo Yoga 920-6b BNZ DNX MPC CVT from your store for $1, 598.00 - product code...

Kogan Australia / customer service line

Dec 03, 2018

I have attempted numerous times to contact Kogan Australia customer service via the phone numbers that Kogan Australia provide. I have not been referred to a customer service rep, The answering machine lists some options to contact Kogan, by email only then the call has ended. If I am...

Coles Supermarkets / overcharge

Nov 01, 2018

Coles at Melbourne Central charge for items not bought, on a regular basis, and I'm over it. I have complained many times and it has been taken care of by the store manager but it takes time and I get to the office late. This morning I was charged for gourmet tomatoes which I did not have...

Woolworths Australia / staff member

Nov 01, 2018

Matt who works as a barista at the Moonee Ponds store in Pratt Street who couldn't mind his business as I was in my car in the car park & so was he & he was yelling at me to get off my phone-like I was actually on blue tooth.. I went round again with my car & he was out of his car took a...

Kogan Australia / t.v. repair on faulty tv still not done after 10 weeks.

Oct 08, 2018

Kogan has had my faulty tv for 10 weeks with no action taken. My request number is #6549129 My return ID is RA 1270966 I believe that 10 weeks is way too long to address the faults in my tv. Please have somebody make a decision on this matter. I am now of the opinion that Kogan are not...

Emirates Group / / broken seat in business class

Sep 12, 2018

I recently travelled business class flight EKOO4 on the 9th July 2018, I noticed my seat would not lay back, the seat was damaged, the flight attendants tryed to fix it but where unable to. I was told I would have to sit up right in my seat, there were no other seats so I had to stay where...

Myer Knox City / barbie hopping centre

Sep 08, 2018

I purchased the Barbie Shopping Centre for my daughters Birthday today at Myer Knox City. After driving home 40min, she opened the big box only to find pieces missing completely and items broken. The box was in perfect order upon purchase and nothing visibly wrong. The shop counter i...

Hungry Jack's Australia / clean venue

Aug 31, 2018

Visited Hungry Jacks in Fawkner last nite around 7pm, minimal customers 2 sit down tables in use. The male urninal was full of paper and foil and area looked like it had not been cleaned for a few days. In the seating area there were 6 empty tables with rubbish on them that needed cleaning...

7-Eleven / customer service

Aug 26, 2018

Hi, I just fueled my car in yarraville 7-11 and the guy who served me (Naveen) is very unprofessional and very rude. I opened my fuel app and asked him to scan the phone for the fuel lock and he asked for the phone I resisted to give as no other 7-11 asks for the phone so, he asked me that...

Harvey Norman / faulty laptop

Aug 17, 2018

I had purchased a HP Laptop from Harvey Norman, Dandenong, Victoria 3175 on 13/10/17 . I had to visit the store again on 17/08/18 as I was having problems with the laptop, I was told by the onsite techie the the "Hard Drive" was faulty and that the laptop had to be sent back to the...

Etihad Airways / damaged baggage

Aug 15, 2018

I had two suitcases that were damaged while flying Etihad from Mumbai to Melbourne and I was given a place in Melbourne to have it fixed up however each time I called them after giving it they told me it Would take time and after a year and a half they said they had sent me the bags but I...

Red Rooster Foods / blt wrap

Aug 11, 2018

I ordered a blt wrap tonight from red rooster Box Hill North & pulled 2 hairs from my throat. We also ordered 2 chilli slaw wraps with no cheese and both came with cheese. Our son is allergic to dairy. We called to complain & the lady was rude and said it was hard to believe there was hair...

Coles Supermarkets / plastic miniatures

Aug 04, 2018

One of your miniatures was slipped into my husband's shopping yesterday. I was going to write that it is unbelievable that you would be producing crap miniatures of your products in PLASTIC. But then I reflect on your completely thoughtless and gutless performance regarding plastic bags and it i...

Coles Supermarkets / plastic bags

Aug 01, 2018

Coles management, you have given in to the lazy, uncaring few in the community who can't be bothered carrying their own bags with them. And have angered those who do care enough about the future of our planet so that we won't shop with you. And for me that's a 20 min drive to Woolworth...

7-Eleven / customer service

Jul 31, 2018

I have been to 7/11 the one is at Ballarat rd and hampshire roads sunshine VIC 3020 at 1:17 am on 31/07/2018 for purchasing a cup of coffee and that guy was fixing up some stock so I just thought he didn't noticed so I just knocked the door once then he came to open the door and he wa...

Woolworths Australia / customer service

Jul 30, 2018

I was at woolworth highpoint this morning (store was not busy at all) with my infant in baby carrier when i took a small trolley to shop. As i continued to shop i realised i needed a big trolley instead so i approached a staff at the selfcheckouts asking for help to take a big trolley out...

Woolworths Australia / staff - brimbank shopping centre

Jul 24, 2018

Staff smoking outside the front door of Woolworths Brimbank. Last night at 1830hrs I observed six staff crowded together outside the front door of the Woolworths entry door, smoking. Brimbank Shopping Centre (BSC) has various designated areas for smokers, all of which are tightly managed...

Ken Kirkpatrick Software / updates and software not working

Jul 11, 2018

Over the years I have purchase various software programs from ken - In the last month I have had problem and have receiving errors unable to use the software, I tried to contact the company but the site is down, I also sent an email but have no response. I am not sure if the company i...

Woolworths Australia / chicken thigh fillet not fresh

Jul 11, 2018

I purchased over 600 grams of chicken thigh fillets from Woolworths Greensborough on Saturday morning 7th of July and when I went to use them on Tuesday 10th of July evening only 4 days later and they were off. Smelled bad so have thrown them out. Lucky I noticed the smell. Others may not...

Shane Hicks / fraud

Jul 10, 2018

My friend has been the victim of Shane Hicks who can only be described a ruthless, manipulative psychopath with no regard for who he takes advantage of. My friend advertised her property on On Friday 6th July 2018, calling himself Shane Windridge, he emailed my friend...

Dan Murphy's / service

Jul 02, 2018

My husband is disabled with MS. He needs a trolley to balance himself, l went into one of your stores because there were no trolleys in the carpark, when I re-entered the store with my disabled husband I was questioned by 3 staff members as to what I was doing. I felt highly embarrassed...

Kogan Australia / lack of contact regarding my warranty claim for kogan water flosser

Jun 28, 2018

I purchased a Kogan Water Flosser in February 2018 and by June it stopped working. It cost $70 and has 12 months warranty. On June 15th 2018 I submitted a customer support request and was emailed a ticket number 6551200. Since receiving my ticket number there has been no further contact by...

Kogan Australia / dji phantom 3 4k with integrated uhd 4k stabilised camera - official dji refurbished drone

Jun 26, 2018

I purchased the refurbished Drone from Kogan on the basis of the website that said "This product has gone through an official DJI refurbishment process - performance is guaranteed!". I received the Drone on about the 28 May 2018. On the 12 June the drone lost power while flying and...

Kogan Australia / aroma diffuser.

Jun 12, 2018

Mist gone everywhere and damp the table and bench. Email Kogan Australia for my options. Waited for more than a week now, still have not come back to me. Gave me a reference no and told me the issue has been escalated to a senior member. Up until today, still no reply. I sent a follow up...

Coles Supermarkets / your tv advertising

Jun 04, 2018

Re: Mr. Curtis Stone ( promoter of your company ). Sickening to hear this man refering to this country as AUSTRAIA. Does he ( and your advertising company ) realize that you are promoting Coles as an AUSTRALIAN company, not some non-descript nation called AUSTRAIA ??? Does Mr.Stone suffer...

Kogan Australia / kogan pu leather couches

Jun 04, 2018

Warning do not buy from kogan! I have purchased couches from kogan and it has been the biggest mistake of my life. They arrived with stains on them and the measurements advertised were much different from the actual item received. The customer support has been appalling, they are...

Hungry Jack's Australia / food ordered and delivered

May 28, 2018

I ordered an Angus bacon and cheese burger meal and when I went home discovered I was given just a cheese burger. This order was made at the drive Thi of the Oakleigh outlet on Dandenong Rd. I was too tired to go back to the store to complain. I have my credit card restatement as proof...

Miele / repair not carried out

May 23, 2018

24th May 2018 Customer No. 540930 Inv Ref No.5311256 Technician Paul Wells I have booked a service for faulty microwave 2 weeks ago approx. He arrived today. The glass door on my Microwave popped and shattered whilst microwaving some food. I have never heard of a glass door shattering on any...

Jetstar Airways / unfair practice - 'dodgy'.

May 19, 2018

Two days ago, on [protected], I went online to book a return flight from Melbourne to Brisbane using a voucher I had been given. The voucher, IF it had have worked, would have covered the bulk of my flights and I would have been approximately $75 out of pocket. When I got to the last stage of...

Woolworths Australia / 200g choccy slams

May 10, 2018

I purchased a pack of these recently and after eating a couple, I was horrified to find foreign matter in my mouth. I am a little concerned that this 'plastic shard' was not detected prior to a customer actually eating one. What if I had actually swallowed it or worse still a child had...

Woolworths Australia / bakery person

May 08, 2018

This morning I was shopping in your Brunswick store and I picked up a loaf of bread and asked an employee (in the bakery section) if this loaf was today's bread, her reply was Extremely rude with a bad attitude...her reply was: " Of course it's todays bread and I have been up since 1.30am"...

Jeffrey McLean / excessive fees

Apr 28, 2018

Unfortunately I'm going through a similar situation.He doesn't allow OC members to resolve any resolutions, by giving us incorrect information.Thats how he justifies bringing his solicitor mate in and charging us for it, with out any consultation from the committee.I have submitted a...

Kogan Australia / 65 cc cultivator/tiller

Apr 09, 2018

Kogan Australia / 65cc cultivator tiller seeder Australia This product was ordered in February (order vdmxeyev), paid for ($279) by Paypal and dispatched on 13 February 2018. However, it was not used until 19/03/2018. (I dispatched this complaint a day or two later but have not yet...

Red Rooster Foods / 17th march 1.30 pm spencer street southern cross station

Apr 09, 2018

saw staff member using bare hand with gloves touching cooking chicken into boxes and chips, then touching doors, fryers, and other items then touching cooked roast chicken. I called her out name Kristy (i think) she identified as she was the shift supervisor. she denied bluntly touching the...

Woolworths Australia / identification

Feb 17, 2018

I am a 20 year old that had travelled from New Zealand for a few days and went into your stores in the Southern Cross trainstaion just now. The guard asked for my ID and I handed him my current New Zealand drivers license that I have held for 2 years to find out that its not a valid form...

Subway / service

Feb 09, 2018

I was at Subway in Northland shopping centre Melbourne and I give a take away order for one foot long vegi patty and asked to pack separately two halfs separately but he denied and asked for extra two dollars it was a very bad treatment by the Subway. I request you to take a strict action...

Fisher & Paykel Appliances / online service booking

Jan 31, 2018

I booked an online service for my dishwasher, ref no: [protected] and received confirmation that it was on 01/02/18 between 7am and 12pm. Please see attached confirmation. When nobody turned up, I rang the 1300 service line and was told my appointment was for 14/02/18. Why is there a discrepancy and...

Kogan Australia / spin mop

Jan 31, 2018

Dear / sir madam, please note i'm sending you a copy of the e mail as I send it to help desk, there are lots of empty spaces, you have to go down to the very low of the page. Re : this issue this it is the 3th time that i'm geting refuse by "help desck" // Re: [ Help Desk] Re...

Harvey Norman / smartstrand carpet

Dec 26, 2017

I have always been unable to remove strains from my Smartstrand carpet but have just recently found this online option for complaints. I initially complained to the store where I purchased it (Harvey Norman - Chadstone, Victoria). I was told that: - as they were the new franchisee that they...

7-Eleven / bad coffee, rude worker

Nov 25, 2017

I went to the 7/11 shop at the corner of Longsdale road and Swanston Street, Melbourne CBD, 3000 with one of my friends just now and wanted to buy two cups of coffee, I ordered a 2 dollar latte, but the first taste made me feel not good, the taste was unusual and really awful, I am a loyal...