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Dollar Tree Weslaco TX / incompetent management

rg amore on Dec 9, 2018

12-12-2018 My wife spent almost 30 minutes waiting for someone to check out her merchandise. Only one checkout person and she was lolly gagging around not paying attention to business. I don't no where the manager, but she was no where around to witness the long line of customers waiting to...

eBay / flashing illuminated erasable neon led message menu sign writing board us

Sparky R. Miller on Dec 9, 2018

I received my biard but the power supply was damaged and i am having no luck getting the ebay seller to make good on it, i have sent several emails, but have had no positive results from the seller can you do something...The seller did reply with a lame answer that they were not making any... / 110v-240v electric sheep goat shearing

Aaron Bongani Mkwanazi on Dec 9, 2018

I order the machine in April 2018 up to now I never received it.I would like you to assist me in getting it back or get my refund. I tried using Wish agent and I don't get any results.On the system is updated as if it was delivered but not. The store name is Chenwei 23475, quntity 1...

Hart T Trees / christmas trees

Debtan on Dec 8, 2018

Hart T TreesThis company will sell you trash - will not help you get a fresh tree. Told me they could not open trees-we bought a tree and it is dropping all its needles in one day, it's in water - but it has to go to curb - it's trash. Plus it was sold as 8 feet - it's barely 6 feet tall - real bummer...

1ink / hp 64xl tri color inkjet ink cartridge

seifu on Dec 8, 2018

I've tried 3 times to install the new cartridge and each time my printer gives me a read out that says "remove and reinstall cartridge". It just doesn't work and i'd like either a replacement or a refund. i'm disappointed with this product as my printer has a hard time accepting these...

DirecTV / genie replacement

JerriH on Dec 8, 2018

On Nov 27, 2018, the hard drive failed in my primary TV Genie. I called Direct TV and the customer rep said one would be express mailed (1-2 day shipping) for $19.95 or I could purchase insurance, in which case the shipping is waived. I asked why I had to purchase insurance or pay shipping...

Takealot / disgusting service

Trisha Lutawan on Dec 8, 2018

On the 1 December I ordered and paided for my goods (6084577)excepting my goods to be delivered to me on the 6th December. On the 6th of December, I find out that my goods have been delivered to an unknown persons and this was done without any communication to me from the delivery company...

Shark/Ninja / getting a defective sweeper replaced

Bryan Silman on Dec 8, 2018

21 days/7 employees/3.4 hours on hold, to get this resolved. I ordered a Shark V2950 floor sweeper thru WalMart, recv'd 11-17-18. It had a defective dust cup issue, and I called Shark that very same day, I took it out of the box. I have detailed notes on every employee I spoke to...

Portrait Innovations / pricing and photo quality

Cruzlifenstyle on Dec 8, 2018

Portrait InnovationsMy husband and I went on Veterans Day weekend to take advantage of the discount. I made an appointment and called A WEEK in advance to ask about pricing. They were very cryptic and didn't give me an exact price but I thought the $19.99 package was a good deal. Turns out it was a scam to...

Wilson Tarquin / client ref cb_9728668

maureen white on Dec 8, 2018

your ref ppi /1033732 maureen white here spoke to oneof your staff 6 dec thusday about my claim and told him ihad just had a letter saying i had 1.551.46 onmonday 3rd of dec and he said he would phone me monday afternoon 10 december to see if cheque had arrived friday 7 december away for...

AAA, All Georgia Towing and AAA Towing / incompetent management

Suzannah L. Saiah on Dec 8, 2018

The incompetent management and towing services of AAA, All Georgia Towing and AAA Towing was an abuse of customer time, technical incompetence and a blatant waste of the companys' resources and time. On Nov 6, Saturday I called to have my unstartable vehicle removed from my garage and taken...

Omnipoint Communications, Inc. / text messages

Gerume Bekele on Dec 8, 2018

Omnipoint Communications, Inc.I have been getting non stop text messages from someone that knows about me. Threatening to harm me and my family. It has been a month now and police are getting involved. They keep changing their number using text now app and all numbers are reversing back to omnipoint. Please please help...

Brach's / brach's maple nut goodies

vbasye on Dec 8, 2018

We purchased a 24 ounce of maple nut goodies at Menards in Salina Kansas. Usually we buy two bags but this time we purchased one 24 ounce bag and two bags of 16 ounce chocolate covered carmel peanut . The chocolates were fresh great tasting. The maple nut goodies were hard and tasted old...

Miniclip / 8 ball pool

Daniel Prestwich on Dec 8, 2018

Yesterday I purchased the $14:99 upgrade package on the King Q. I decided to upgrade it again. So today I put another $14:99 purchase down on the 2 piece upgrade of the King Q. It didn't say anything to warn me off. I received the other things in the package, but unfortunately I didn't get...

Tapjoy / diamond reward/ rise of civilization

Anasteisha Govtven on Dec 8, 2018

TapjoyHey guys! I'm playing covet fashion and take an offer of rise of civilization for dimonds. I have completed everything what I should (download app from link, rich level 10 of my sity).I try to contact you from game where was contact support but you didn't answer me or explain why I didn't...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / waiting time

Ju on Dec 8, 2018

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]Just orderd a break is wrap and only 1min after ordering and paying I get told there's a 6min waiting time for the egg. And to make matters worse I waited about 5min just to place the order. No one at front counter to take my order. Everyone busy in kitchen and and no one to take orders at...

People Per Hour / suddenly account deactivated

shirin khan on Dec 7, 2018

Hi Suddenly my account has been deactivated by people per hour and they don't inform me as well. There are some funds in my account as well as project running in that account. I have email my complaint to PPH, but they are sending link to confirm complaint & to confirm link we need to...

Dollar General / employee/ assistant manager


Lisa Bauer is the most rude, mean and very disrespectful to the employees. Myself and other customers have heard Lisa yelling at one of the employees all the way outside. I have even heard Lisa and seen her talk to a customer with an attitude and answer with a smartass answer. She is just...

WhyNotLeaseIt / refrigerator

Deanna Ducreay on Dec 7, 2018

I am writing to tell you sears employees are scammers. They told me my fridge would be paid in full after paying 1600.00. They told me I only had 9 payments to make. Stupid me, did not read the lease agreement because I believed the associate. I trusted sears to tell me this is what will... / I received the amount of the pages

dick gibson on Dec 7, 2018

Amazon.comDear Sir/Madam: My name is Tony Bobet i resided in 1710 Seward Avenue, Bronx, New York City 10473, Apt#5-G. I am file an complaint to MegaDiscStores/ C/O CCE. 2045 Niagara Falls Blvd, unit 4. i order on October 4, 2018. The item i order is 2 pk Scanavo Crystal Clear Standard size 3 DVD case...