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2:23 pm EDT
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I filled a ticket in as I wanted to return the items. I did not get any reply. I filled another ticket in and did not get any reply. When I looked the ticket up on the website it said the ticket had been closed! I then sent an email to complain and was told that an email had been sent to me which I never received. After I sent the email I was told to send...

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11:16 pm EDT

EcomerzPro Dual vision glasses

Actually cause electrical shock, must be fixed by authorised electrician. They claim glasses are a quality product. Product is of poor quality & cheap plastic. Not what I expected, nor what was advertised. Trying to get a refund. Service is shocking, 1000s of unhappy customers. Ecomerzpro removes media comments from those who had bad experiences.

Desired outcome: Want a full credit, but will never get it because after 3 emails they stopped communicating - hence we need to stop Ecomerzpro scamming people

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12:25 pm EDT

EcomerzPro Vita watches

Ecomerzpro Dispute TRD-GB01202005001591

I ordered 2 Vita watches & straps on 6 May and requested the order be cancelled on 16 May which was within their 14 day cancellation & refund policy. This was not actioned. I repeated the cancellation request on 25 May when advised there would be a delay in delivery - not actioned
Items arrived on 9 June and were returned by registered post on 12 June together with required documentation. Royal mail tracking shows goods were received and signed for at Ecomerzpro premises in Madrid on 22 June which was effectively acknowledged by Ecomerzpro on 25 June advising the refund was being processed.
On 14 July chased refund but was then asked for posting, shipment and tracking details.
On 19 July received a further request from Ecomerzpro asking for shipment & tracking details as they claimed the items had not been received and they must have been sent to wrong address Referred them to previous correspondence of 14 July with this information and included copies of the emails tracking numbers etc
On 28 July I enquired when I might receive my refund
On 19 August further request for shipment details & documents claiming goods not received. Referred again to my emails and attachments of 14 & 28 July with this information
On 25 August they requested details of address to which the goods were sent as they had not been received and they had not been lost by them. Referred to my emails and attachments of 14 & 28 July again.
On 26 August I advised I had run out of patience and would post full details of the fiasco on Trust Pilot, Facebook with copies to UK Trading Standards, Daily Mail consumer correspondent and Spanish Embassy for forwarding to Spanish Trading standards in Madrid
1st September I provided Ecomerzpro with copies of the entry and report I will post on social media and the press unless I received refund within 48 hours.
On 3rd September having advised I propose to post a further negative report on Trust Pilot they asked for proof of delivery AGAIN. The third such request for the same information. Copies of Royal Mail tracking and Spanish partner delivery records sent AGAIN

This whole saga, together with the litany of negative Trust Pilot reviews, proves that this company is administrative incompetent (failing twice to cancel the order within their set timescale and repeated requests for return shipping details), unreliable by denying the truth about receiving the returned goods despite evidence to the contrary. There may therefore even be evidence of financial ineptitude or fraud as their prevarication in refunding for proven legitimate returns. Does this suggest they need to secure income from further sales to enable, if pressed, a legitimate refund to earlier customers?

This company should be barred from trading anywhere in Europe as being unfit to operate a retail company whether it be on the internet or any other outlet

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6:53 am EST
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I bought an e-watch from the adv through an on line shopping. After receiving the watch, I found I could not select the language 'Chinese' in its setup process. I wondered why because the application "FunDo Pro" associated with the watch was developed by a Chinese software company. The watch cannot show the message of notification with the font of the...

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4:12 pm EST
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In 19 November I ordered 3 Ewatches via an advertisement appearing in a local news agency and received official receipt notifying me that that I would receive the order 21 days. Also there was a site that I could track the progress of delivery, on checking that site I was told that either my order number (or email address) was "invalid" I have sent several...

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