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Marlboro / Marlboro Smooth 100s Box

Rosebuds Power Services on May 28, 2017
Towards the end of the cigarette the HOTS fall out, which you can imagine is very dangerous, as you can be driving with hots on you, sitting on couch not realizing they fall out till you go to take a hit and realize you lost your hits somewhere; Very unsafe. I have just switched over to...

Dawn / dawn purchased the biggest bottle and it was watery

britney griffin on May 28, 2017
I purchased the biggest bottle of dawn you make and when I got it home it was like water and didn't bubble at all. I feel as if I got a defected bottle. Walmart wouldnt take it back because I had used a lot of it trying to get it to work properly. to actually get bubbles! lol its not like...

Care.com / Not being paid

Brianacarleo on May 28, 2017
Hello, I started working for a woman doing housecleaning through care.com. I probably worked for her for about a month and she was paying me at the end of each week. We agreed upon $13 an hour. The last week I worked for her she said she was going to mail me a check. That was over a month...

MaryAnn Dawe / Fedex ground delivery driver

MaryAnn D on May 28, 2017
MaryAnn DaweTravelling I 76 west through the Alleghany mountains on May 28, 2017 at approx 11:30 AM. A fedex tandum trailer began to tailgate us through the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel when we could - we changed lanes. He then began to tailgate the truck in front of him. See photo. This driver i...

Hostess Brands / mini muffins

fayebeauregard on May 28, 2017
Hostess BrandsI bought a box of hostess brand mini muffins blueberry on 5/27/2017 and when i opened my little bag to have some for breakfas t the morning of 5/28/2017 i found that there is mold growing on them i have never had this problem before but this is gross and dont expect i will be buying them...

Letgo / Letgo

Leslie Selby on May 28, 2017
It's been over one week that I reported a seller's erroneous rating of me. I put a rating on her because she decided to increase her price in the middle of of our transaction after I confirmed the lower price. Needless to say the sale didn't take place. I gave her a negative rating...

Craigslist scammer mikal / stole my money

anonymous22221 on May 28, 2017
Craigslist scammer mikalPlease be alert of this man his name is Michael scott but he goes by the name "Mikal" as some photographer. he goes around renting properties that does not belong to him and also promising young naïve girls and guys that they can be top models by talking them into fees for a portfolio with...

SingTel / Poor service

Ruth Tan on May 28, 2017
Extremely poor and rude service given from the staff on 28May2017, roughly between 1315-1400hrs.Nil compliance towards action given. Was there to made an exchange for my S8 screen protector as it came off by itself. Called 1688 and spoke to Kis-Han to ask if is it possible for me to get a...

pokemon cards / unauthorized credit card charges

cutepanada on May 27, 2017
May 27/17 Hi, I have received three packs of sun and moon Pokemon cards containing ex, 3 break cards and 4 regular cards.They are all holo cards and I have looked through my order history, and found that none of my purchases fitted what I have received. I'm confused how I have gotten the...

Brandnex / Wristbands

slassy on May 27, 2017
I have pretty much never posted a review of a company before, but I will gladly go out of my way to post one for this company. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Customer service is straight up AWFUL. I did the 100 wristbands + 100 free wristbands deal and my final price was $64 when I ordered...

Florida Department Of Revenue / Reinstatement of professional license

Theresa May on May 27, 2017
I have been trying to get my professional license reinstated so that I can start my new job. I have been getting the run around from the Department of Revenue on this matter. First off, I can't get a hold of a person on their 800 number so I've been having to speak to someone through their...

Liv Luv Shop / Ordered products

Stephanie LeAnn on May 27, 2017
Ordered products on April 26th, never received them. Reached out numerous times. Finally got a response saying they would be sent out in 3-5 days from may 16th. Still nothing! I know your products sell out quickly and I probably won't be able to get what I want. Not to mention what I...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / I am complaining on a taxi vehicle number SHD9216U

Wann on May 27, 2017
We booked this taxi via justgrab and booking had already been confirm. The taxi has arrived at our pickup location but when we are about to board the taxi, he gave us a look and immediately chase us out with anger saying that "No no no your booking already cancelled". We are already about to...

Omegle / A pedophile on omegle

Noah Jarnigan on May 26, 2017
I was just on omegle and a 47 year old male was looking for a younger female. I played it off as if i was a 15 year old girl and managed to get his ip The ip should trace back to a verizon phone around the dc area. He wanted me to send him naughty pictures and kept asking...

Candy Crush Saga / Candy Crush Saga Level 2049

Griselda Melo on May 26, 2017
Playing Candy Crush 2049 you need to pass the level with 450000 points, I spend $13.00dls on buying time when I have more the 600000 points they say my bomb going to explode and I fail the level.This is no right I spend my money to pass the level and you stolen my money from me, you need...

MyUS.com / Delay in allocate a package in my suite

Hossam nagm on May 26, 2017
MyUS.comMyUs are cheating on me and for almost four working days one item is delivered to their warehouse and not reflected in my suite yet After several complaints and useless chatting with careless agents still no single action, however the mentioned SLA in their web site is one working...

Best Choice Products / Online ordering

Briona Johnson on May 26, 2017
On May 19 my order was marked online as DELIVERED. In the notes it said "left at front door. No signature required". I never received my items. I contacted BCP they said they would contact fed ex then contact me. Today is May 26 I HAVE NOT RECEIVED A CALL OR EMAIL. I also called customer...

Pizza hut / Medium pepperoni lovers pizza

Anthony Pinzon on May 26, 2017
Pizza hutHey guys so I usually order pizza from the same Pizza Hut on Saint George's ave in linden and my experience is usually amazing! However, today when I ordered two medium pizzas, one of them being a pepperoni lovers, the pizza was not completely cooked and some of the dough was still raw.i...

Lincare / billing services

Trudy Hall on May 26, 2017
How many numbers does a person have to call to get a bill taken care of... I have dial two different numbers trying to get my billing issues taken care of ... First one was on hold over 8 minutes then was disconnected by lincare...Second time i called was on hold over 12 minutes before...

Megabus / Bus broken down for 15 hrs

mizztravel on May 26, 2017
On may 18th megabus from chgo to memphis broken struck in st louis for 15hrs no information given about when we will receive a bus. Called megabus 25 times we got to st loius at 1pm on the 18th the bus they finally sent came at 2am on the 19th. Called megubus on 23rd to see about refund...
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