Other Complaints


Trusst Welding LLC / Fencing

Apr 20, 2019

Trusst Welding LLCI found this company through and hired him to put up a wrought iron fencing around my travel trailer on my property. He took my deposit, but never came to finish the work. After having to hound him for days, he came once to my house and installed 4 fence posts out of 14...

Doller general gassaway WV / Drug using/Courtney ratcliff

Apr 20, 2019

I watched one of your cashier's on her break Courtney Ratcliff smoke methanphamine in parking lot beside the store every time I go in thier she been rude and always looks like she high...she was very rude to me when she checked me out I had my kids with me they seen her hit this glass like...

Very poor customer service / All

Apr 19, 2019

I live in york pa.. This was the absolute worse experience for myself and my family first thing i call becouse i thought i would be a few minutes behind the young lady assured me that i jad to be there at the set time do to them being booked only for us to make it there and wait over an...

McGuigans Wines / dan murphys

Apr 18, 2019

I buy a half dozen of the McGuigan Black Label Red every week as I really enjoy it but I purchased the half dozen mix tonight 18/4/19 7.40pm at Port Macquarie & it tastes terrible, I can not for the life of me drink it, can I return it & replace it without a receipt as I paid by...

Deanna Root / deanna m. root former austin stripper trying to fool people

Apr 18, 2019

Deanna RootDeeana M Root likes to pretend that she is some Apple big shot. What Deeana Root fails to mention in her resumes is that she used to be a stripper at Yellow Rose in Austin, Texas and a club called Joy (now Rick's). She was known for doing drugs and would let guys finger her and she had...

Bestway / bwjsh00134

Apr 17, 2019

BestwayI bought 4 Inflatable float rings from Costco last summer. All 4 of them ripped at the same seam within the first time of use. I contacted you guys several times with absolutely no help. I was told to not return to Costco and that you guys would honor replacements. So I did that and...

Anheuser-Busch Companies, LLC / semi-truck deliverer

Apr 17, 2019

I was in Marietta, Oklahoma at around 11:30 A.M about to turn north into Highway 77. A Bud Light truck numbered 30283 was going about 45 in a 35 and he was passing multiple people on the shoulder that is NOT meant for passing. He is going to get someone killed the way he was driving. We...

S.F. Public Portola Library / discrimination

Apr 16, 2019

S.F. Public Portola LibrarySneh Rao is taking sides of SFPL and his employee. I have filed a discrimination against San Francisco Public Library and he stated that he cannot move forward my complaint. This was my complaint# af117233: FYI- I am mute and I don't have tty phone to call you. I suggest you reply... / / / Digital Safety Products LLC / data brokers / background check

Apr 16, 2019 / / / Digital Safety Products LLCSpyFly is not reporting truthfully. They are great at gathering information, but the data they present is outdated, completely incorrect, or desperately lacking in many "advertised" information areas. Beware of these scam data companies that do nothing but ruin a person's reputation...

TBS / full frontal with samantha bee

Apr 16, 2019

This show is completely inappropriate and vulgar. I am sick to death of having to change the channel when her vulgar commercials come on and I will NOT watch her nasty show. She is giving women on television a bad name. She denounces our President, our Christmas and every other holiday...

actual DDG search engine / broken search

Apr 15, 2019

DDG search I started using DDG on all of my PC's about a year ago in lieu of Google as my home page search tool. Up until this morning I've been loving it. As of this morning, tho, the search no longer works on my favorite version of Firefox - my chosen browser and the one Amazon ha... / fake account

Apr 12, 2019

Hello Im Carolina Vicol, a Moldavian citizen. I would like to report a fake account I have found on google while searching info about my name. This fake account is using my picture that I have posted on my Facebook account long time ago. I have never register on Several times I...

Xpost Integrated / service

Apr 12, 2019

So i've been waiting for my package for a week now, actually it's not the Online Shop's fault. It's the courier's, they tagged my package as "Return to Seller" and there's no attempt of delivery. It is so inconvenient for me since that package contains skin care products. And now that I...

The Reformation Resurgence / the movement and their members

Apr 10, 2019

This movement is promoting disunity among churches. Instead of pointing fingers and being judgmental, they should first look on the way they live their lives. Is it pleasing in the eyes of God? The way this movement approaches things are too subjective and biased. The verses they quote in...

True blue company / ahi alguien trabajando con true blue con mi informacion personal

Apr 10, 2019

Mi nombre es Tania M. Roman en Lancaster Pensilvania..empiezo a trabajar con True blue company el 17 de abril de 2019..pero en las agencias del gobierno sale que ya estoy trabajando con ustedes cuando eso no es cierto..tengo robo de identidad..ya notificado en la...

Bright Forest Technology Singapore / didn't order or receive any product

Apr 10, 2019

I was reviewing my bank account and saw that I have two charges from this company for almost the same amounts of $29.44 dated for 4/06/2019 and $29.47 dated for 4/08/2019. I have not heard of this company before nor have i purchased anything for these two amounts. Please refund my account...

Edward "Coach" Weinhaus / data broker blockshopper

Apr 9, 2019

Edward Edward "coach" Weinhaus and Brian Timpone (Blockshopper's owners) are crooks who profit from selling your private information without your consent. The person who replies to emails goes by the name Scarlett Simpton, but her real legal name is Scarlett Melinda Chapman. Some of...

Inogen / advertisement is false

Apr 9, 2019

NOTE: This is a copy filed with the FTC, and BBB. This also applies when it comes to my mothers health. On or about the 15th of October, 2017 or a few days earlier, or later, my mother, Mella Bingisser & I saw the TV Advertissement abot inogen with William Shatner as a Commercial Host. I...

Patricia Timpone / Brian Timpone / Scarlett Melinda Chapman / Edward Weinhaus / / data broker / privacy policy

Apr 8, 2019

Patricia Timpone / Brian Timpone / Scarlett Melinda Chapman / Edward Weinhaus / BlockShopper.comBRIAN TIMPONE AND PATRICIA TIMPONE (Blockshopper's owners) are crooks who profit from selling your private information without your consent. The person who replies to emails goes by the name Scarlett Simpton, but her real legal name is SCARLETT MELINDA CHAPMAN. Some of their...

Wly*Complet / complaint

Apr 6, 2019

I would like to know who an why you are taking 15 pound a month from my account an have been for some time I have not signed up to any thing an I want to know how you have got my details I will be going to the bank on Monday an will get this stopped an I want all my money back I hope you...

Nasir Shah Mississauga / services

Apr 5, 2019

The more you read about Nasir Shah the deeply you will fall in love with him. Nasir Shah, known as one of the most popular persons in Canada, is a personality honored with numerous appreciations and award certifications from the parliament to serve the people of his community. It is their hard...

RedCarperRocks RCR / not paying for seo services

Apr 5, 2019

We have provided RCR with SEO services by optimizing website titles, Meta descriptions, setting us webmasters, Ads, even giving $300 coupon of google adwords. Even after continuous follow ups, they always say this week payment will be done and nothing happened since last 5 months. Urvi...

Gurkaynak Law Firm / unethical behaviour

Apr 4, 2019

I applied to Gurkaynak Law Firm for my case, I told them my case and explained my situation. Attorney Gonenc Gurkaynak said "I will not charge you until the end of the case" first, and I released a power of attorney for him. However, he charged $3.100 as attorney fee but he did not handle...

Research on Sara / truth

Apr 3, 2019

Research on SaraI've been doing a bit of research on this Sara Mangus person and all the stories about her on the web, regarding their validity and I've come to the conclusion that these awful stories are all true. She denies the allegations, of course who would want to admit such horrible things about...

The Hyatt, Yonkers, NY / embarrassing situation during check in the hyatt yonkers

Apr 2, 2019

Dear Hyatt - rooms were reserved at The Hyatt, Yonkers for a large group of Ministers from Virginia to attend our Church Anniversary Service on March 31st. Reservations were made for March 29-31, 2019. A reservation was made for the Apostle of the visiting ministry which was to be paid...

Ink Cartridges and Toner / didn't received my package

Apr 2, 2019

Ink Cartridges and TonerDear Sir/Madam: I am filing this complaint to this company. Ink Cartridges and Toner. I order on March 30, 2019, I order 9 ink for my HP Printer. The order number is [protected], for Re-manufactured set of 9 to replaces HP 950-XL and HP 951-XL ink cartridges. The amount of the payment i...

Office Earth / telephone answering service

Apr 1, 2019

Very bad experience with this company whose claims about their services are exaggerated. Getting calls handled to my clear instructions was a constant struggle, some customers were lost and refunds given because of situations caused by Office Earth operator errors or non-compliance. Office...

1st Reynolds Skip Hire Ltd / the behaviour of owner, and his customer services

Apr 1, 2019

1st Reynolds Skip Hire LtdHe was VERY rude and Abrupt, I got into an altercation with this man as he sped up past me, and over took me on the road. I obviously beeped at him... When we approached the next set of traffic lights he rolled down his window and started shouting abuse... He looked under the influence of...

State Farm - Todd Main Insurance / insurance renewal

Mar 25, 2019

I spoke with agent "Melissa" over the phone to let them know not to process the renewal since we had obtain new insurance through a different provider. She asked me to confirm in an email which I did. They failed to cancel the renewal and sent us a bill for non-payment. When I called they...

Bristol Hippodrome / food sales

Mar 24, 2019

I saw Annie yesterday at the Bristol Hippodrome which was a fantastic show. The staff at the theatre were all so polite and helpful even when it was so busy. However what really let me down was the amount of food being sold. Is a tube of Pringles, a crunchy, noisy crisp an appropriate item to...

Madina Mall Lahore / kitchen accessory

Mar 23, 2019

I have ordered 2 large size trays but I have recived 2 small trays which are not suitable for use... I want to return my order because the size is to small and I have not recievd the actual product...So, I request you to return this order or to replace ...because it os useless and it i...

Acuren Inspection Inc / hostile and unsafe work environment

Mar 22, 2019

While working for Acuren Inspections, I have been subjust to unwarranted comments from David Dunn, the Operations Manager, such as "where's the biscuits and gravy " the first time seeing this man and this was witnessed by another employee, Allan Gargus. When asking about work I either get...