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www.freshwatersystems.com / Wrong filters

Haise on Apr 25, 2017
I needed to buy a filter but I had no clue which one to order so I contacted FreshwaterSystems and asked their rep for help. We discussed everything and their rep offered me to buy a set of filters. When my order arrived filters did not fit! I contacted FreshwaterSystems and told them that...

Pinterest.com / Tons of spam

Nick on Apr 25, 2017
Since I signed up for Pinterest I started to receive tons of spam and I hate that. My mail is full of spam and I hate wasting my time trying to delete everything. I contacted Pinterest and asked them to stop sending me spam but they did not reply and nothing has changed. I even deleted my...

PayPal / They cancelled my account

Queen on Apr 25, 2017
I was using PayPal since I was 17 years old and that was a long time ago, I'm 24 now. Recently I wanted to make an online purchase and wanted to buy via PayPal and was surprised when I could not log into my account. I contacted PayPal and they asked me to send some documents to verify that...

Yahoo Mail / no customer service

817 on Apr 25, 2017
I changed password 3 times since Nov2016, Yahoo mail is saying password invalid. Also Yahoo is trying to get me to use App. I tried it and could not turn off News feed and other features. I using gmail App cause i get no Garbage. Is Yahoo trying to get rid of users and doesnt system...

Target / LOD

Bob Cummings on Apr 25, 2017
I have one LOD I work with who is a douchebag. She has yelled at me in front of customers several times...she is caustic, abrasive and has an insulting tongue. I dont know what her problem is, maybe she is not getting laid enough, who knows. I'd love to tell her to go screw herself but I...

www.glenstephens.com / Glen is a scammer

Kitt on Apr 25, 2017
Beware, this guy Glen is a scammer and www.glenstephens.com is his business. My friend sent his stamp collection to Glen and never received anything back. Glen received and stole my friends collection! There is no way to reach this cheater, and no way to get our stamps back. I just want to...

Yahoo / My Yahoo account was hacked

Sonja on Apr 25, 2017
I am extremely disappointed with Yahoo, they are the worst ever! I was a long time user of Yahoo and recently someone hacked into my account and changed my password! I received a notification that there was a fraudulent activity on my account and I immediately contacted Yahoo support...

Lowes Waipahu / Whirlpool refrigerator

Gil Tavares on Apr 25, 2017
My brother Jeff Tavares bought a new refrigerator from Lowes Waipahu, and also purchased Extended warranty for our Mother Sylvia Dennison in her 80's. My mother's refrigerator broke down with refrigerator and freezer is working on April 17th 2017. My brother Jeff called Lowes Waipahu April...

www.hookahtown.com / Hookah arrived damaged

Chuuru on Apr 25, 2017
I have purchased a party hookah from www.hookahtown.com online store which was on sale. Item arrived damaged and I immediately asked for a replacement and they refused. Then I asked for a refund, but they said that they could not accept on sale items back, no matter what their condition...

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines [SNGPL] / sticky meter mention on bill

Tasaddaq Hussain on Apr 25, 2017
My consumer number is 84043230006. I am living in Airport Housing society Rawalpindi. 1st of all there is no gas in winter from 2 am to 6 am. Means just 4 hours gas is available and at that time we are sleeping. Now gas is available for 24 hours but we are just 2 person living in that...

Impark / Valet parking

Jessica Yost on Apr 25, 2017
I parked at the Marriott valet garage at 520 Powell today. I have a brand new car (less than 1 week old). I had a clear ticket with no markings. When I showed the valet the damaged to my right rear bumper when he returned my car he went to the other employee, Angel, who I witnessed draw an...

Wish / Everything was wrong.

Courtneyg on Apr 24, 2017
I ordered three bathing suit's, I received them today but one said it was delivered and they sent me lingerie instead of the bathing suit I ordered. The second one that was delivered and came with the wrong set of bottoms. And then the third one which said it was delivered never showed up...

The UPS Store / email notifications

TheKings on Apr 24, 2017
Earlier this month I had major issues with not getting my text or email. I was expecting a letter from DMV and it was a time sensitive issue. I received an email a week after indicating they received a letter a week earlier.I kept calling until I got the owner to fix the issue. I ended up...

Candy Crush Saga / Hours

Becky Hamrick on Apr 24, 2017
So every time I pass an "episode" I have to wait 72 hours. Well, I understand that, but yesterday at 7pm I passed an episode and it said I could play again in 72 hours, well today it is 4:53pm and it says 66 hours are left?! So apparently since yesterday only 6 hours have passed. So really...

Wish / entire order

Sheliah Caddell Dennis on Apr 24, 2017
I am a first time wish user my daughter has luck with using wish for Christmas so i decided to give it a try i used a visa card that my grand children gave me for Christmas I order 36.00 worth of items (the card was for 50.00) not one thing that i ordered arrvied as advertised and 1 item i...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / madison, georgia restaurant

Fay Gunn Shepherd on Apr 24, 2017
4/24/17 Customer service is a good thing of the past. Walked into the Madison Steak'n Shake today. It was a few minutes after 11. We waited too be seated, no response, we seated ourself. We waited for a waitress, no response, I stood too see what was going on. Everyone including the...

City Of Tshwane / Electricity

Melvin. on Apr 24, 2017
New Ref: 680 6995 ext 36 OlievenhoutBosch, Centurion Acc No 5007411348 No electricity at all in the house, this has been going on and on. Almost every month, I don't think the so called "Technicians" know what they are doing. They always say the meter box inside the house is not in sync...

Kroger / shopping cart

concerned custome_ 01 on Apr 24, 2017
I shop at this location every two weeks. Today on April the 24th 2017 I went there did my grocery shopping went thru the u-scan (like i always do) paid for my items and as i was leaving i went thru the first pair of exit doors and my cart came to a dead stop (i did not know what was going...

Viagogo / No payment and appalling customer service

Mjmj123 on Apr 24, 2017
Listed two sting tickets on 4th April. Listing ID 68194879. They sold the next day. I checked my emails that night and was told the tickets needed to be couriered by 22.59 that night?!!! Even worse the links they sent me for a courier didn't work so I posted the guaranteed next day...

FairySeason / lace lingerie

Teresa Whitaker on Apr 24, 2017
I have submitted an order and was going to order more from the site, but now after looking at tall the customer service reviews I am scared to change it. I wanted to cancel that order and add both of your baseball mom's shirts to it. I have no access to cancel my order after submitting it...
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