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Stater Bros Markets / employee treatment

mohamad qasem on Sep 23, 2017
I am a concerned parent of an employee that works at that location Aamiya Qasem and how management treats her. She was originally told her schedule was 3-9 then told she can work 7:30 am to 3p.m.. then was called the morning of and told someone called in and if she could work the later...

Wish.com / The items I ordered

Belinda Mcroy on Sep 23, 2017
I have been ordering several items on wish website and I haven't had too many problems but now I have ordered a Harley Quinn half shirt that was 5.95 and a iPad for kids that was $10.95 both were cancelled and I'm pissed off. I have the money and my kids will be upset you either figure out...

Texas Toll (TxTag) / TxTag

Shannon Galloway Johnson on Sep 23, 2017
My vehicle was towed and the tow yard did not contact me for several months, thus racking up an amazing bill of over $800. The car wasn't worth much more than that, so I decided to bring them the title. I started to get Toll bills, so I called the tow yard and they said they auctioned the...

Megabus / Bus Delay

Imani Cheryl on Sep 23, 2017
MegabusI booked a ticked for an 8am bus and it is now PAST 8:40 and I'm still waiting in a long line because the bus driver was late. I spent money on this specific bus departure time to reach my destination at a very specific time, and now I suffer the consequence of missing a very important...

Western Union Financial Services / I tried to do a transfer to lebanon and they blocked me for no reason

dinaelali on Sep 23, 2017
Dear Sirs, I have been dealing with western union with ages. Last time I was trying to send money to help in my mom's surgery and expenses to my dad and I was blocked with no specified reason. GRM17091353515079. I strongly believe there is a mistake and I am asking for a proper...

Ashford Communities / My overall first month experience here has been hell

Theo8809 on Sep 23, 2017
Ashford CommunitiesMy first 3 days of being here both of my cars were towed when you all shouldn't have allowed me to sign the lease without both cars information I was told. Secondly my appliances (sink in kitchen and tub head) were loose. Now two weeks of being here my roof has a crack and water coming in...

Olive Garden / ExCustomer

Chonta Mitchell on Sep 22, 2017
Olive GardenHello Sir /Maam My family & I visited with Columbus Ga Olive Gardens today 09/22/2017 for my bd dinner, all to be treated as if my family wasn't welcome after being seated the young lady that waited on our table was impatient to take our drink order, after decided to just have water she wished...

Frigidaire / Electrolux / Frigidaire FGHC2331PFCA Side by Side Refrigerator

Nicmali on Sep 22, 2017
The refrigerator we purchased approximately 2 months ago has not worked properly and is defective from the day we received it. We purchased a side by side Frigidaire refrigerator appoximately 2 months ago. From the day we received it we had condensation problems from the water dispenser...

Dollar General / Getting a product

Jamie8475 on Sep 22, 2017
Complaint is for 1906 East Oglethorpe Albany, GA 31705 location My husband had to ask twice for Tide pods they have locked up in their store. They claimed they lost the key. The workers never once tried to open where they have the product locked up at. My husband asked them if they can try to...

Dollar General / Outside of building

Andrea Goubeaux on Sep 22, 2017
Dollar GeneralThe sidewalks to this store are terrible and extremely dangerous, someone is going to get HURT! These sidewalks have been bad for a few years now and they are just getting worse every year and no one has done anything about them. I love going to this store but it is dangerous for my little...

Dollar General / Cant walk down isles

Poorlife on Sep 22, 2017
Dollar GeneralI went to dollar general in solsberry Indiana today and you can't walk down the aisles because they have carts full of boxes in the aisles . Shelves are bare too. Waited at register forever for a cashier because the was standing in the back talking and in break room talking there was no...

Viagogo / I don't see my purchase

nermine on Sep 22, 2017
Dear Viagogo, I'm writing this email because I did'nt see my purchase when I was entering my email by accident I enter the Facebook email that was nerminekaakour_1996@hotmail.com instead of nerminekaakour_96@hotmail.com I have try many things like change the email and always my pssword...

Samsung Electronics / Range

Leilazar on Sep 22, 2017
I bought a Samsung range just two years ago. On Monday September 18, 2017 we left home, every thing was fine, and fortunately nobody was home. When we came back around 5:30 pm. We saw that the range glass cook top burner was melted and broken. I called customer service, sent them pictures. They...

United Parcel Service [UPS] / delivery service and customer service

Nicholas-Andrew Hall on Sep 22, 2017
I purchased and item from overseas which was then sent promptly to UPS I provide a business address for UPS to deliver to. I was unaware that I had to actually pay a fee for them to deliver. They tried to deliver this at 8.00 to a business address which naturally I wasn't there to pay thi...

American Eagle Outfitters / jeans purchased from a store but returned to the neverlands

Kandice Louis on Sep 22, 2017
American Eagle OutfittersGood Afternoon, I purchased a pair of jeans from the store in lakeside but due to the distance I could not return them easily. I called customer service that advised me that they had put notes on system and would happily accept my return and either replace the jeans or refund me the cost...

Blurb / Horrible!

Robert Mares on Sep 22, 2017
ok, blurb, where's your customer service? Do you have issues in recruiting people? Or you only have a machine that sends automatically generated answers and doesn't help at all? And needless to say, my question was simple, I didn't have a hard issue, but I got a copy-pasted answer that had...

Birchbox / Too baggy

Paul Sharp on Sep 22, 2017
This is such a baggy website. Irritates me to the maximum. Why can't you hire a programmer and fix it finally? it's awful awful awful!!! I have been trying to login in 3 days. Each time a try to log in a little window pops up and asks me to change my password as my old one is not safe...

Fast-Growing-Trees / Don't waste your money

Stewart Mezz on Sep 22, 2017
They have a good idea, but this business itself is simply a joke. My poor Clementine Tree died too soon, I didn't even understand what happened. Called them to complain. They said I had to provide photos that thres really something wrong with the tree. No problem. Why would I lie? I did. Sent...

Dressilyme / good order with dress

angel kathy on Sep 22, 2017
I received my dress today in the blue colour, it's absolutely beautiful. I am happier with my product. Bought it in custom size and it fits perfectly. I have no words to express my satisfaction! Have no doubt that DressilyMe is my favourite place to shopping from now on! Thank you so much...

Giftsnideas / No refund

Megan Turner on Sep 22, 2017
They stopped answering me. I don't understand what's going on. How it started: I ordered a gift one month before a birthday date. I never received anything. I also have no idea why. I called them, they apologized and offered to deliver my package. But I didn't need it at all so I requested a...
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