Burger Kingwhopper and an impossible whopper

Ba Sep 28, 2019

We went to bk #3540 in missouri city, tx last evening 27 sep at 418pm. We ordered a whopper with cheese combo and one of your new impossible whopper with cheese combo. We asked attendee to be sure fries were fresh as in the past they were terrible. We received our meals fries very hot thank god, the burgers really sucked. They were warm not hot and the impossible really sucked as it does not meet the guidelines of a burger.. I was disappointed in the service. Maybe if they had been cooked freshly the outcome would have been better but the fake burger it would not have mattered as your advertising sure makes you want to believe in fake.
To pay more for fake is unacceptable. This store should be making burgers fresh and not out of a heating bin.

This was the worst way to spend 17.00 and go home to have some leftovers to fill the need shame on you bk for ripping us off for poor food (xcpt fries) and poor
Faking. I tried but have spread the word not to buy this at bk to my family and will to friends. A refund would be appreciated

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