Burger Kingservice

We went to this location before church 09/29/19 @ 9:20 am. The guy is the drive-thru did not have a name badge on he has a scruffy appearance and had dark hair. We ordered through the drive-through and we got to the window and asked if we could add two drinks to our order. He was immediately rude and acted like it was a problem to add to our order. He continued to make smart remarks, another younger adult came to the window and gave us our drinks I complimented him on how much more customer service friendly he was and the other man mocked my comment. I asked him if there was a problem and he began to curse and I asked for my money back and said we will go somewhere else. He continued to say to the ASSISTANT MANAGER "Give them their mother [censored]ing money back, I am pissed off right now" He left us in the drive-through with the window open continuing in front of the customers inside to berate us. Finally, the assistant manager a woman came to the window and apologized and said they had a cook that was injured yesterday and they were swamped. She was nice but clearly did not know how to handle her employees or a situation like that. I cannot believe how we were treated all over asking to add to our order that we were paying for. This employee does not need to be working in customer service. I viewed some other comments on google for this location that indicate the same thing of this very same employee that works the drive-through and he is still employed with your company. We will NEVER go back to this location and we will make sure to tell EVERY person we know not to go to this location until this employee is terminated. They should feel lucky I chose not to record and blast it all over social media. I hope that you handle this situation because I have never ever in my life been treated with such disrespect and had someone curse at me as a paying customer. I have also never been so embarrassed for other customers inside your place of business.

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