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Rl Jul 21, 2019 Review updated:

It Is sad how some blacks employees here In the douth I'm from up north talk to black customers only I experienced this again yesterday. I told the young lady my order she put my order In Incorrectly I got her talking back telling me I told her my order wrong. Well on my receipt she has my name wrong I guess I told her that wrong also the manager said nothing.

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  •   Jul 21, 2019

    If you speak the way you write, it’s no wonder you’re not understood.

    Where in the “Douth” are “blacks employees.”

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  • Kd
      Jul 22, 2019

    you literally comment on here all the time with rude comments. go away internet troll.

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  •   Jul 22, 2019

    @kdl esx My comments are fact and not generally rude. If you don’t like my comments, use ignore. Otherwise, be a child and call people names.

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  •   Jul 23, 2019

    @kdl esx This wasn't rude. Many people come on here not being able to write legibly so they can be understood wondering why they didn't get what they wanted at a restaurant.

    It's no wonder! If they spoke in public the way they write here, no one would be able to understand them.

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  •   Jul 23, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! They can’t grasp the concept that clearly speaking is important.

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