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Mi Oct 13, 2019 Review updated:

My fiancé and I visited this particular Burger King for breakfast on Sunday morning, oct 13 [email protected] 10:01am. Our order number was 37. I myself ordered a chicken biscuit combo. After rang up and paid the cook proceeds to raise his voice at the cashier stating they were out of biscuits. I agreed to have my chicken put on a croissant roll. My fiancé ordered a bacon, egg and cheese combo. We get our meal and sit down to eat. I hold my croissant only to feel just bread so I open it and my chicken is so small any young child would think it was a nugget. I was absolutely floored and laughed at how they could even serve that with a straight face. I go to ask the girl to exchange my chicken and she tells me that all their chicken is that small but she could look for a bigger piece. I told her to just forget it. My fiancé opens his croissant and the bacon is two absolutely thin, dehydrated pierces of bacon and the cheese not melted and completely fake looking. Our tater rounds almost cold. We spent $12.51 to leave hungry and knowing we could have gone anywhere else and gotten 100% better. I then go to the bathroom to only see blood on the backside of the toilet. I have never experienced this level of breakfast bad and it definitely shows that Burger King will take your money with giving in return the least amount possible. My fiancé has definitely gotten a mindset of never eating there again.

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  •   Oct 13, 2019

    BK is getting crappy, I agree. I often would spend almost 12 dollars, ordering a few tacos [they are great and 'simple' on my delicate stomach] and mozzarella sticks [also good] only to have half the order not there.

    they also insist you use the anti social kiosks which don't give receipts so you can't proof you paid a lot of money for two orders of 1.49 mozz sticks. 12 dollars for 3 dollars worth of food to be given?

    oh, and don't ever EVER remind them even nicely to MIRA!

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  •   Oct 13, 2019

    instead of being appalled about the blood, just tell them. sometimes people get sick or have an accident. sure, its embarrassing to leave the bathroom and tell the workers you made gross but people now are so judgmental that's the reason why no one fesses up.

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