Burger Kingfood made wrong

Da Oct 09, 2019

This Burger King keeps getting orders wrong. I'm Allergic to onions and I keep telling them to not put any on the burgers when I order. Last night was the last straw. They mixed up mine and the persons that ordered in front of me orders and gave them to other people. They took my receipt so that they can make my order because it wasn't showing on the order board anymore. When I got home with my food, my wife took a look at my burger and it had onions on it and my receipt clearly said no onions and they never gave my receipt back to me when I got my food. If wife did not look at my burger and I would have taken a bit of it, I would be in the hospital. I took the burger back to them and they remade it and it was even wrong. This keeps happening at this Burger King and I'm done with them. I will be going to Burgerville 2 blocks away from this Burger King from now on. The guy last night who ordered before me told his kids that if they asked to go to Burger King again, it's not going to happen and they will go some where else.

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