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While at burger king on Oct 4th 2019 I placed an order only to have me and my daughter being made fun of my daughter works here and Rissa and arianne ALWAYS harass her, but on this day they also were making fun of me I waited a half hour, the manager told them to get our food but they only ignored her and my daughter asked to have our order remade because it was cold they made SNIDE remarks and was still making fun, I did not appreciate an hour and 15 minutes went by we left only to turn around and go back because they didn't put all our order in bag, manager made it right, but a total stranger said Rissa and Arriane proceeded to talk crap on me and my daughter and even called me a [censored] manager made it right but I never saw such rude and unprofessional employees in all my life, I will not buy food there again, I didn't desserve to be made fun of or to have the nasty treatment I got, I hope you do something about those two cause if they keep harassing my daughter i will take it to the authorities and have harassment charges pressed on them and oh she has went to the managers and they don't do anything about it, this is WORK PLACE BULLYING and I will not have my daughter subjected to this, as I said I will press harassment charges if they keep it up. Thank you for your time.

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    This was burger king in tyrone pa

Oct 07, 2019

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