Burger Kingcleanliness

Ni Oct 03, 2019

At 2:44 pm I ordered food. I sat down and looked around the tables wet not wiped down trash wasn't takes a tray with wrappers were stacked on top of the trash can, napkins were out, trash on the floor. At 3:12 a jentleman came out and half ass cleaned picked up counters and Sweaper the big stuff off the ground. His relief came in and he just left time is 15:15 and he just left. Counters are still unwiped no one is in the restraint at this time it has been raining for several hours so this mess is from lunch. Not sure what is going on with this restaurant but the service and appearance isn't what it used to be. Jentleman just returned not sure what kind of BS is going on here but I hope someone will stop it. Or contact me and say it's a private owned and there isn't anything anyone can do so I can tell people that this place is crap and they don't care instead of defending this place.


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