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I just ordered a chicken sandwich and onion rings from this place. Half the chicken sandwich tasted raw and the onion rings had something that looked like ash on it.

I would also like to include that I'm five months pregnant.

When this place first opened, the food was awesome. But it's been going downhill. About a month ago my son also ate some raw chicken fries from this same exact location.

Never again.

Burger King

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      Jul 11, 2019

    Listen to this I started working there about 6 months ago and there is this lady that has been there a long time they say but she is mean rude and she pushed me several times when I went to management to complain, I was basically told deal with it she has been here longer then you! Finally I had enough of her pushing me I walked out and told management I was calling the cops and filing a complaint they TOLD ME TO GO HOME !!! What???? When they found out I only cooled off and didn’t call the police I was aloud to finish my shift !!! This lady has threatened many co workers! Chasing one of them out of BK with knife! She told another girl she would run her over with her car and bury her body!! me and several other girls are being harassed, assaulted every day we come into work and when we complain it’s said if you can’t get along with her!!! Find another Job !!! Any suggestions !???

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