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Burger King / 2/$6 - big fish & whopper

Te Mar 23, 2019
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Burger King sucks... Walked inside after a long day of work and ordered the 2 for $6 meal, fish & whopper plus onion rings. Opened the meal at home, the fish was not a "big fish" a tiny 3"x3" square, hard, cold and disgusting one bite & it went in the trash. Next the whopper patty was pink in the middle, small and tasteless. The bun was slathered with an huge excess of mayo & ketchup and 3 wilted tomato slices, no mustard, onions, pickles or lettuce. One bite & it went in the trash. Both were too disgusting to even feed to my dog. Onion rings were barely warm with a very thick hard crust. Every bite was like eating a spool of grease. I ate 2 rings & the rest went into the trash. I now remember why I gave up patronizing Burger King 7 years ago. Opened a can of soup for my dinner. Stay away from Burger King... They suck and have absolutely no quality control. Want to work @ burger king? They'll hire any incompetent good for nothing idiot.

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