Burger Kingricardo castillo, manager verbally attacked customers

N Nov 27, 2019 Review updated:

Ricardo Castillo, who is a manager at the Eustis, Florida Burger King, yelled at 2 customers old enough to be his grandmothers. They were only expressing their 1st Amendment Rights of Freedom Of Speech. They ladys didn't understand what the employees were saying because they were not speaking English at all, they were speaking Spanish, and got offended by not understanding what was being said. Ricardo Castillo, who is a manger for now at the Eustis, Florida Burger King was. Very Rude and the ladys felt very uncomfortable being yelled at by this so called manager of Burger King in Eustis, Florida. We were in there and we left and will no longer eat at any Burger King ever again because of how Ricardo Castillo a Burger King manager had acted towards these customers. No matter what was said by the customer, the employee Ricardo Castillo had no business acting or talking the way he did towards any customer.


  •   Nov 28, 2019

    Whether you like it or not, other people living in America have first amendment rights as well.

    PS this isn't even what the first amendment is about! It refers to only the press.

    Stop misquoting American law. It makes you sound even more stupid.

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  •   Nov 28, 2019

    Did you get a quarter every time you wrote this poor guy's full name? How is your complaint NOT harassment?

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