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M Sacramento, CA Review updated:

Last night I go through the drive thru at burger king on arden inside the mall parkinglot... I orderd 2 bacon tendercrisp meals, 3 pies.. When I got to the window I asked if I could add a 6 piece chiken fry.. He said you have to drive back thru I couldnt add on the window. Well it was late n there was like 3 cars in the driveway already so I was a little irrataed but I understand the food has to be cooked so I said ok hold on to my other order imma go back through the drive thru drop the 6 piece chicken fry the now.. Ok so I get back window three cars later pay for my food.. Drive home start eating of course n I thought I bit into some fat when I opened my sandwich the chicken patty was still raw... I immedialey called the resteraunt and told them situation. The shift mgr for the night said that didnt happen and to come back.. I said oh yes it did infact happen and that I have plenty of pictures with my digital camera as well as one on my cell phone.. I went back and got my refund.. When I woke up I was throwing up. I called the next morning to talk to the day manager dan who was very rude and was basically blowing me off. When I asked for the distric managers phone number he refused to give it to me and said he would cal him but he wasnt going to bother hi on the weekend.. I told im tis is a very seroius situation.. He again blew me off with no apology and said to call corporate they would deal with me.. So I did exactly that.. And I will also be posting complaints and calling whoever else I need to until someone cares.. You cannot serve people raw food.. My stomach is still very uneasy

Burger King Chicken Tendercrisp


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      Jul 03, 2009

    Some sick people work at those places like sex offenders.

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      Jul 03, 2009

    I hope you are feeling better. You should contact your local health department regarding this incident and request for an investigation.

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  •   Aug 11, 2010

    damn dude, feel better.

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