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G Nov 23, 2019 Review updated:

i was going back to get some straws for my kids drinks i forgot to get the casher set me up to be insulted the black male he went on to say you need to lay off the donuts because he was saying i am to fat. all of your employees was Laughing in the back i heard it no one was around to stop him he went on to shouted it real loud so the custmers could hear him . i am sorry but i will not be xoming back there this is not proper to do to me or any one else yoru casher needs to be punished along with the rest of them .btw i dont eat donuts maybe the black male needs to lay off the burgers i am sorry but no pictures maybe you can see it form your cameras


  •   Nov 23, 2019

    you need to lay off the donuts? you need to lay on the first grade reading and writing projects. seriously, no one can understand what the hell you are talking about.

    if they are laughing at you its because you cant communicate.

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  • F
      Nov 23, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! you really think this [censored] is [censored]in funny you can go to hell casher can go to hell [censored] you for your damn business you lost a lot of business [censored] you [censored] you made me [censored]in made im not [censored]in fat you bastrard

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  •   Nov 30, 2019

    @family values I can't comprehend your statement since every third word is censored. What's a bastrard??

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  •   Dec 02, 2019

    @family values Take your rant on the Jerry Springer show where this type of language is acceptable.

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  •   Nov 23, 2019

    You should have told the cashier that you do not eat donuts and you look this way after eating their food. Well yelled it for everyone to hear.

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