Buffalo Wild Wingssunday nfl viewership

At Sep 27, 2019

Two weeks in a row I go to BWW to watch football as I do most of the time. I am new to the area, but BWW is a national franchise and I had never been disappointed before so I figure I am in for a good time of wings and football.

First Week: 3 pm game. Even though some of the other games were over they didn't change the TVs to the 3:oo pm games. There are several little TVs that could be used to let the late crowd catch their game's kickoff. Not at this BWW. I missed 7 minutes of the game. I figured ok, maybe it was just because my game was at 3 I missed the kickoff. Bad luck, next week will be better.

Second Week: 12 pm game. Showed up at 10:45. I was the first customer in the place. I was seated and had a perfect set up to watch my game. The TV was set to watch a channel discussing Fantasy Football. At 10 minutes until kickoff I asked for the TV to be switched. Nope. Fantasy Football ended and a Bassmasters tournament came on. I MISSED MY KICKOFF AGAIN!! Finally the TV was changed to the wrong game and I missed the first 5 minutes of the contest. You have to be kidding me. Our server was awesome and apologized several times while taking excellent care of us. When 3 pm rolled around and most of the early games were over they started changing some of the TVs to the next games. MY GAME WASN'T OVER. 2 minutes remaining and the game was close. The game never was switched back. I missed the end. WHAT A JOKE. Other games were not switched even though they were all in post game shows and other patrons missed kickoffs to their games including scores that happened.

Obviously I made a mistake in thinking this BWW would be like my last BWW. Yes it is a restaurant, but if fans come to see their team play while eating and the business advertises for fans to watch their game at this location shouldn't they take the responsibility to provide the service they are advertising.

There are other businesses that offer similar viewing venues that have a great reputation of delivering to the fans.

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