Buffalo Wild Wings / rude service table 335/1 6:11 pm 8/13/2019

Ke Aug 13, 2019

My server was hostile when she came to my table. I inquired about the Tuesday wing special. Server Kelsey curtly replied that it was the same as every other Tuesday night. I thought it was a reasonable question; and I deserve a polite response.

Later I ordered wings and Kelsey took my order at warp speed, making it evident that she didn't care what I wanted and that I was imposing on her time by trying to order food. She spent an additional 15 seconds at my table during the rest of my visit.

I don't know this person; but she doesnt need to be representing your company with such a hostile attitude. I considered that she was going to challenge me to a fight. She should be assigned to a station far away from customers

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