Buffalo Wild Wings / poor service

Ro Jul 11, 2019

I apologize. I have my receipts at home and can provide them if needed.

I was in the Buffalo Wild Wings on Friday June 28th with my son, cousin and 2 granddaughters. When we arrived there was no host so we sat at a high table booth. Then a server told us to come back to the host stand and tried to sit us at a table on the other side and we clearly stated we wanted a booth, so he left the menus on the table and said "sit over there" which was a handicap booth. But in the mean time sat someone in the section by the high top booth we wanted to sit at. So we sit there and it took almost 10 minutes to get a server. There were only 2 servers working and it went down hill from there. She took forever to get out drink orders, messed up my 9yr old granddaughters order. Who gives a kid HOT BBQ wings? Took forever to get order drinks from the bar, food was not as we explained.

This was one of the worst experiences EVER. This used to be one of my favorite restaurants, but Im second guessing it lately.

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