Buffalo Wild Wingshouse samplers

Ef Sep 29, 2019

We ate at Buckhannon WV BDUBS on Sunday September, 29 at around 6pm. My husband and I both ordered house samplers, both with boneless Asian zing. His sampler came with pickles instead of onion rings and honey bbq wing instead of onion rings.
My sample had everything correct except raw, cold, onion rings. I was ringing water out of them they were so raw. Mozzarella sticks, cold and cheese inside was hard. I don't raise a fuss in a restaurant because I know it's not the waiters fault. We eat at BDUBS quite often and this was the worst experience we've ever had. I even had to ask the waiter for forks, which should be a common thing, but we didn't get any until I requested them. My daughters meals were fine.

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