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Am Oct 01, 2019 Review updated:

My daughter, her 2 children & I went to Buffalo Wild Wings in Woodbridge VA this past Sunday a little after noon. We decided to go there because we have gone in the past a few times and remember how kid friendly it was, seeing as we now have 2 little ones this is a top priority. We must have arrived at a busy time as we noticed the parking lot full. However we were seated relatively quickly. Great! Water came took drink order right away, but then didn't come back for a wile, some one in the back noticed us fidgeting a little with the kids & asked if we were helped. The water came, we ordered the House Sampler as a started but before we could add our meal the water was gone & gone for a wile til we received the appetizer. Then we ordered, unfortunately with little ones we need it be ordered quickly before they get unruly because lets be honest what kid wants to sit for that long. We got our food, it was wrong, not all just my daughters order. My wings were tough & I was pretty much done, didn't feel like eating because it was a struggle but I'm not one to usually complain. I asked for a box, my daughter got her order corrected but by this time we just need to go. Been there to long. I did tip my regular 20%. The total bill was $52.30. I am disappointed because this was a lot for me to begin with financially but the experience, service & food was lacking. Also in the past there has been crayons & coloring menus. Have you done away with that? Just wondering. I would appreciate if we were compensated in some way. Again it must have been bad for me to complain.

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