Budget Suites of Americastaff service/ 7 day no cause given

T Sep 27, 2019

My name is Trinia and is hoping to have someone to care about my concerns.

I was a loyal tenant since 2007. I do not like to complain but I feel as a returning loyal tenant I needed to let someone see how I am being treated. Even as working for a competitor with Emerald Suites South. I always recommended the location in Rancho S Las Vegas to people that needed a very safe and a positive environment to live. I never imagine after my son Josiah getting robbed at gun point we still stayed at this property. Also I was given a note about my service dogs. The front staff in the morning grabbed the paper out off my hand when I was letting her know about my emotional pets. Next folliwing week was being charge for a microwave that has not been working since we moved here. Staff harassment every week for 2 months straight than I get a 7 day no cause to move. Spoke to the GM because the AGM on the weekend especially Sam was rude. Then I had to wait until Monday to ask why and Sally said that they will not work with us because of complaints which I was not aware. For 1 there is a Security guard who I thought was my friend but I guess since I did not allow any further action now he has been putting complaints and I was never aware off. As a single mom with 2 boys living with me has put a bad taste on this property. As a lead desk clerk at my last job. We never gave anyone especially during hard times to give a 7 day no cause. My old boss with Emerald was surprise that this was given. We only gave a 5 day's pay or quit but never a no cause. We also work things out with loyal tenants that never missed or pay late. If a loyal tenant is a nuisance to the other tenants which we were never told or warned than relocate them to assist them but never put a single mom on the streets. I just recommended to other co-workers but told them not to settle in. Now we have to pack again and relocate. I was hoping this was a dream but I would never ever recommend this location so that the people or new tenants will never experience this awful feeling...Yelling from the staff especially from AGM telling me I was calling too many times and all I wanted was a answer. I was also told not to talk face to face with the GM Sally. So if this is how you are going to treat loyal tenants, maybe this place is not a place to feel home and also no free wi-fi and i was purchasing 4 × 7.50 plus rent and 80% it didn't work. We are not perfect but we will obide by the rules. It only takes to talk to as a human being not as an animal. I hate to leave this property right now especially during hard times but I guess if I might maybe get a response back from upper management and with a heart. How are we supposed to move if I am still paying rent and have until the Oct 12 to relocate our lives again. I will not be able to afford to relocate in a short time without a vehicle and a child to change school. Please assist.

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