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My husband bought me the N*A*P pink slippers from Brookstone for the holidays. The right slipper was defective in that it made my right foot turn on it's side which caused pain in my right foot and knee. The left slipper was fine.

We went back to the store with the receipt and the original packaging to ask for an exchange or refund. After explaining that the right slipper was defective causing pain and suffering in my right foot and knee, the assistant manager said he could not do anything since the slippers had been worn.

We asked to speak to the manager of the store who was in the back. After she was told customers were waiting to speak with her the manager of the Brookstone in the Sherman Oaks Fashion Square Mall emerged 20 minutes later. We explained the situtation(that there was a defect in the right slipper) she said she could not refund or exchange slippers because they are considered a personal item. She could only take it back if, for instance, I didn't like the color and the package hadn't been opened.

We called the 800 customer service number while still at the store and they said they could not overide the decision made by the store. We requested that a regional manager call us back and no one ever did.

We had to go home frustrated and angry at the lack of customer care we received from Brookstone and the absolute lack of concern that they were sending home customers with a defective product without even trying to make the situation any better.

My husband and I have never experienced such unprofessional and horrible customer service in any store and will certainly not patronage Brookstone ever again.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jun 22, 2009 3:48 pm

I had a similar experience and will never buy another Brookstone product. Walmart has had so many returns they are selling them at ½ price. The will get there just do and a pink slip at the same time!1

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Feb 18, 2009 3:48 pm

News flash! It is YOUR fault that you passed the 30 day return policy! You were aware of what the policy was when you purchased the item, otherwise you wouldn't have asked about the return without having the product present. Just because people are doing their jobs and following company policy and procedure doesn't mean they "lie and cheat". You think they are really are putting that much effort into YOU? PLEASE! Do you really think a multi-million dollar corporation really cares that a customer that [censored]es out their employees will never shop there again? I'm sure they are all saying good riddance!

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Feb 10, 2009 3:48 pm

I totally agree that Brookstone's customer service, especially from their store managers, is horrendous! They lie, cheat, bait & switch, and have total disregard for their customers. I bet they go out of business soon!

I tried to return an electronic item that I bought my husband for Xmas. When my husband tried it, it was broken. Busy as we are, we missed their 30 days return policy, but was assured by a nice sales rep this past weekend, that as long as we brought in the original sales receipt, they would honor the cash refund.

Well, it turns out they had some "managers meeting" yesterday and the arrogant store sales manager was rude to me, saying that he didn't care what anyone told us this weekend, that they "were " lenient and might have given us a cash refund, but since so many people were returning things to their stores (duh, they're broken and crap!), they're now denying anything that is returned past 30 days. He didn't care that his rep told us we could return it and get cash for it. Then he rudely walked away. Nice, huh! JERK!

I AM NEVER SHOPPING BROOKSTONE AGAIN, and STRONGLY suggest that NO ONE else shop there either. You WILL get BURNED, as their items are CHEAP, they have Bait-and -Switch return policies, and will probably go out of business soon, so you won't get to return your defective items anyways.


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