Broker Price, Inc.non payment


I really wish I had found this site and read the reports on them prior to accepting the bpo's. They originally called me and asked if I'd do 2 exterior bpo's for them. Since I happened to be in the area, I agreed to do so. I checked my email and they had sent one of them as an interior bpo. I told them to remove this from my work load as I didn't do interior bpo's as cheap as they were wanting to pay. They said OK and said it would be removed.
Several days later, they called and asked if I would do it as an exterior bpo for the prcie we had discussed. I told them since I had already ridden by and taken the exterior photos that I would.

I completed these orders over a month ago. ( since then Clear Capital has paid me twice for orders I did the same day for their company and Residential Real Estate Review has paid me for a few orders I completed that same week as well)

I spoke to a supervisor who told me today 10/16/17 that it would be late December 2017 before they would pay me for bpo's done in September 2017. I was in collections for 20 years, so I have emailed them informing them I plan to place a lien on both properties for the amount of the bpo plus court costs. I don't deal with liars and thieves.

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