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Jan 16, 2020

Bristol Hippodrome — disability discrimination

Bristol Hippodrome, , , Autism and Aspergers ( Unfriendly ) My partner and our son 33 who has Asperger...

Dec 16, 2019

Bristol Hippodrome — tickets cancelled without contacting me

Order red: [protected] I booked a group of tickets for 16 people including my disabled brother and a carer for...

Nov 09, 2019

Bristol Hippodrome — lion king

My wife and I booked tickets for both of us and our two kids aged 5 and 10. We bought the tickets months ago...

Bristol Hippodromesafety!

Good day
We went to see Lion King yesterday At Bristol Hippodrome. Excellent!

We noticed some terrible damp and peeling paint / plaster on the stairwell ceilings and the same on the walls but painted over on red. One can push ones finger through the paint!
I hope that the Hippodrome doesn't suffer the same as Piccadilly Theatre in London!
Alan Darwin


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    Oct 19, 2019

    Bristol Hippodrome — seat taken

    My daughter took me to lion king bristol hippodrome as a special 70th birthday treat seat was taken had to...

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    Oct 06, 2019

    Bristol Hippodrome — lion king

    Hello, On Friday 5th October my family and I (7people) Attend lion king 7, 30 showing. We were sat in the...

    Bristol Hippodromedirty dancing tickets


    When I first purchased Dirty Dancing tickets I did not get the option to pick a seat I was automatically allocated 4 tickets in the upper circle. on arrival we asked if there was a lift as my Auntie has extremely bad arthritis was has difficulties with stairs, I was told there wasn't and that I could change seats at a cost. When I went to ticket office I was told there was only 4 seats together in grand circle at £55+£4.40 fee for each seat or if we wanted a cheaper option to separate as we was told it was sold out. I purchased the tickets to sit together as we was a party of 4 I had to pay an additional £186 so my auntie could manage to watch the show. When we got in there was plenty of empty seats in the grand circle that could allow us to sit together. I very unhappy I was sold dearer tickets to feel the more expensive seats at the expense of my aunties stairs difficulty, I think it's is actually very discriminating.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards


    Email address heather.[protected] [protected]

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      Bristol Hippodromeaccessible seats

      I am complying here because I sent the following email and haven't had any response.
      Hi I am writing this email because I feel very angry and upset. I paid for my mum, who is disabled to come to the hippodrome on Sunday 23rd June, to watch Tina Turner, what loves got to do with it, she came with a friend. I know it was a bit last minute when I bought the tickets, but I explained that my mum was disabled and was assured on the phone that although there would be some steps, the seats would be sufficient for my mums needs, however on the night they were led up a very steep staircase, which they managed to do slowly, so this wasn't to bad, but with no assistance from anyone. But the seats that they were given were terrible, my poor mum spent the whole show wedged into the seat sideways, as she had to stretch her legs out into the aisle to ease some of the pain she was in, she had to watch the show from the side with her back to her friend, at one point she was stuck in the chair and her friend had to help pull her out, causing more pain and more to the point damaging her self esteem as she was mortified that she was stuck, and at one point thought that she would have to phone for the fire brigade. My mum is an extremely proud person who would not ask for help or complain. I am very surprised that none of the staff noticed how awkward my mum looked. She said the show was amazing if only she could of been comfortable. The next day she was is so much pain she was in tears, and worse still 5 days later she showed me that she had bruises from when she was jammed into the seat. I was horrified as this was a treat from me and I feel so Upset and angry that she had gone through this. I think it is disgusting that there are no bigger seats for those that need it, I know that it is an old building but people come in different shapes and sizes for different reasons. My mum felt humiliated and embarrassed. I would really like to take this further as I would not want anyone else to go through this. For your observation I have enclosed the photos of the bruising that was caused, I'm sorry if their a bit graphic, but I'd like you to see why I am so upset.
      My telephone number is [protected] if you would like to discuss this matter further.
      Zoe Harris

      Sent from my iPhone

      accessible seats
      accessible seats
      accessible seats

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        Bristol Hippodromedreamboys seat reallocation

        Hi I turned up on Friday 29th April to watch the dream boys I had booked front row in the uppercircle due to the fact they had not sold enough seats we was reallocated to the grand circle in row H!!! I had booked front row seats as there is standardly more leg room plus I knew the dancers went into the crowd so we would be able to see.
        When we turned up the girl just looked at the sheet and gave us seats so my main question is why was the seats not reallocated before we got there? As it seemed it was on a first come first served so people who would of been sat in behind us in the uppercircle were now sat in front of us!!! I have never been to a theatre where it was so disorganised I normally go to the hippodrome a few times a year but I am so disappointed by this I'm glad I haven't got any other shows booked there as I would be cancelling and going to another venue!! I have been reallocated seats before in other theatres such as in London but they already had our new tickets ready with new seats and they actually upgraded us to better seats the seats I was given was not better seats as we couldn't see when the dancers went into the crowd.
        Overall the show was a bit disappointing as when the dancers went into the crowds we couldn't see them so we was left staring at a blank stage perhaps they should of had more dancers on stage so at least the rest of the crowd was kept entertained.
        Like I say I booked 4 front row tickets you didn't deliver this I paid over £120 to be left disappointed I had booked this for my friend as her 40th birthday present I would like to know what you are going to do about the points I have made with regards to reallocation of seats and I am looking for a refund due to the fact the seats you gave me was not good enough as had you of contacted me before I would of paid extra for better seats but was never given this option.
        I look forward to hearing from you
        Naomi Boyd

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          Bristol Hippodromeunsatisfactory seating conditions during the performance

          We attended the performance of Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake at Bristol Hippodrome on Saturday 16th March 2019, 19.30 hours.
          Our allocated seats were Upper Circle B18 & B19.
          On the day of the performance there had been heavy rain in Bristol. When we arrived at our seats there was a large wet patch on seat B19 and it became apparent that there was water leaking from the roof.
          We made the decision to stay in our seats in order to enjoy the performance as we were told by the steward that it was a full house and there were no other seats available. We managed to hunch together on seat B18, but as you can imagine this was not a comfortable experience. During the performance there was another bout of heavy rain outside and we found ourselves being dripped on with water from above. This was both unpleasant and distracting, somewhat ruining our experience of the ballet.

          We would be grateful if you could let us know how you propose to resolve this complaint - we certainly do not feel that we got our moneys worth.

          Please find further ticket information below:

          Tickets purchased through ATG tickets
          £40.90 per seat.
          Miss Emma Whitaker
          Order number: [protected]

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            Bristol Hippodromefood sales

            I saw Annie yesterday at the Bristol Hippodrome which was a fantastic show.
            The staff at the theatre were all so polite and helpful even when it was so busy.
            However what really let me down was the amount of food being sold. Is a tube of Pringles, a crunchy, noisy crisp an appropriate item to sell in a theatre where there are people performing live?! The popcorn, etc being sold all before the show had even started was ridiculous and totally ruined any quiet moments during the show not to mention distracting for anyone in the audience.
            Interval treats, like ice-cream have always been a tradition, but this has been taken to a whole new level, and not for the better.
            I was very disappointed and as I have tickets for another show later in the year, and I am now really not looking forward to my visit.
            Theatre is an experience unlike the cinema, where people are performing live, it should be treated with respect and not a money making scheme. Shame on you.

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              Jan 11, 2019

              Bristol Hippodrome — ticket price for motown the musical

              I went to the Bristol hippodrome tonight 11/01/2019 to watch the above production. My son gave me two ticket...

              Bristol Hippodrome — disturbed performance meant we left part way through

              We were very excited to attend the 7.30pm showing of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on 19th September 2018 as we had...

              Bristol Hippodromevip

              Hello, I was very disappointed whilst bringing my daughter to the peppa pig show. For a children's production there was no choice at all for them. The only thing she could drink was a J20 which she is actually too young for but with no other choice we had to go with it. It then got served in a glass in which my daughter is one so she was unable to drink out of it. We didn't get an option if we wanted the bottle with a straw. The snacks were far too hard for her to eat. We only got there 30 mins before the production started and it was a good job we did as by time we were due to take our seats she was very bored and we stuggled to keep her sat. As we paid full price for her and it being a childs performance we would have expected something for the children like a small activity pack or some colouring. I know all parties in the VIP area felt the same.

              To top it all whilst sat during interval there was a mouse which ran across the floor which the 3 people sat next to us pointed out.

              I would like to be contacted in regards to this. Please contact me on [protected]

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                Bristol Hippodromeproduction staff

                I went to Bristol on Monday 5th of March to watch Hairspray This was the one show I have wanted to see for so long I came all the way from Torque to watch it. I happened to of got seats in front of the production/producer box where they sit to do the tech side of the show. About 10-20 minuets in to the show some man decided he would come sit on the stairs next to me as I was sat on aisle seat of the row, Now he didn't just sit there but happened to sit there on his IPad which kept bothering me, He then moved and sat behind me and kept moving from that seat round to the producer box and back as the very back row in front of the box was empty which happened to be the row behind my self and my mum. Next thing you know they decided to speak and have a conversation from the row to the guys in the box and didn't attempt to do so quietly, which distracted us even more, This was for the whole first half of the show. The people who we were sat next to us went and ask to move for the second half, Now Due to medical reasons I have to be at the end of a row where I can get out if needed and have close access to the toilets, Which where I was sat was perfect for all of this, So moving wasn't really an option. To be totally honest The guy completely ruined my night I was disturbed that much through out, I don't get to go to that many shows as you can imagine they all add up in price as well as work and other commitments and this was a birthday treat the my parents brought me to enjoy But I didn't enjoy it at all, and he completely ruined my night and this has made me very angry and upset, I am not happy what so ever I find it very rude and disappointing as i have never had an issue before when seeing any shows.

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                  Bristol Hippodrome — the behavior of the 2 people next to us on 14 february 2.30pm show

                  Booking ref [protected] . I took my daughter to see Wicked on 14 Feb - 2.30pm show. We had seats L39 and L40 in...


                  Bristol Hippodrome — customer service

                  Went to see the 3rd of February evening performance of wicked at the Bristol hippodrome, and was most shocked...


                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Bristol Hippodrome Aladdin — aladdin pantomime

                  Hello, I recently bought tickets to go to the Pantomine Aladin at the Bristol Hippodrome - 175gbp worth of...

                  Bristol Hippodromeno 3d glasses provided at aladdin today

                  I am a very regular theatre visitor but today was so unfair. I went with my niece and two other guests (usually for the panto have about 20 guests). We were sat in the top tier today, when we arrived we saw that part of the show was to wear 3d glasses, on asking the lady on entering she said she would hand them out later as was waiting for them to arrive. At half time we again asked and was told that they were on their way up from downstairs and yet again when they arrive she would hand them out. Then the warnings came to put on safety glasses nobody sat by us had any and when we asked the lady where they were she said they had run out! How disgusting. You know how many shows you have, how many tickets can be sold so why run out even if people don't hand them back as they should you should still be able to provide as we all pay for our tickets which are not cheap. As a theatre card holder I am most disgusted with the service today. Please provide me with an explanation for this as a very good pantomime was ruined with this boring piece put in!
                  Thank you and await to hear an explanation for this.
                  Tracy Brooker

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                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Bristol Hippodrome — Price of wine

                    I recently visited the Bristol Hippodrome to see Sister Act which I thoroughly enjoyed but I am writing to...

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