Brandsmartpulsing 15kv generator

Gr Oct 01, 2019

On 8/30/19 I purchased a generator from this store, due
To the hurricane needs, without be able to purchase it, and on the 9/30/19 I went to return in its box, didn't
Come back before because this unit is heavy and does
Not fit in any car, had to make arraignment to rent a
Vehicle for me to return it, because their was no need for it at the moment I even purchased a warranty if needed in the future I went back and the answer they gave me was to call the merchant pulsa to see if they want to take it back, this is very unprofessional, and not a third party reliable company to put their goods in to protect the consumer, this is very upsetting, knowing that we were on an emergency disaster coming to us, that many of us had to use our own rent money to cover the lost of income we had for this castosophry coming to us.

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