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Ra Sep 15, 2019

I took my family out to breakfast because they wanted to eat at Bob Evans. So I took them to the one that they like to go to and we waited 40 minutes before we got a drink.
We waited over an hour and still didn't have our food. I informed the manager of what was going on and he stated he would give a discount that I never received just free drinks. I did not eat my food because I had lost my appetite at that point. I gave the opportunity to the manager to speak with me, and he walked past me, and I still did not receive the discount that he had promised. I paid for my bill and left unsatisfied. On the wall in the restaurant it states that families will be glad they shared a table with us, I for the second time am not glad that I chose to eat there. I am wondering what could be done here, and I do understand it you can have a bad day at a restaurant, I myself spent over 20 years working in restaurants and in management. I also know that you have to make sure that the customer is somewhat happy before they leave. Please respond.

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