Bob Evans Restaurantsmanager kip

J Oct 02, 2019

I will start with I almost always come in on Friday mornings. Julie is my normal server. She is fantastic. I have never had a issue here. Everyone is so polite and helpful.
Sadly that was not the case Monday morning. I stopped in for breakfast, I didn't see Julie so I sat with Cassie. She was excellent. I had steak, eggs and hash browns. My hash browns was burnt. I mentioned this to Cassie. She said she would have them remade and would let the manager know. I seen her talking to a guy manager not one I've seen before. I knew they was discussing my order because she was holding my plate and I could hear him. He said: there is nothing wrong with that order. If he isn't happy he can leave. We don't need his kind here. Surprised by his remark and not for sure what he meant by that. I'm a paying customer. You need paying customers to stay in business. I then witnessed Cassie walk on the cook line put on a pair of gloves and cooked my hash browns herself. When she brought them out they looked great not burnt. Maybe she should be a cook. When she came back with the check she said, I tried to get him to adjust this but he wont. I'm sorry. I finished up and went to pay. The same guy manager was cashing out. So I tried to use this time to talk to him. He said: if you eat it you pay for it. I wasn't asking for free food by no means. I would've appreciated a small discount for the extra time I had to wait for things to be recooked. I asked for his name he said today I'm Santa. I didn't have the time to argue with that [censored] but I did notice the more he talked I smelled beer on his breath. It was a fresh smell like he was drinking on the job. Frustrated beyond belief I just paid for my order and left. Later on I called the store I asked for the name of the manager that was on duty and was told it was Kip. It's sad to see Bob Evan's has lowered their standards of managers and will hire trash like Kip. Someone made a huge mistake hiring that garbage. With him in this restaurant it will surely start to go downhill.

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