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BMW of N.A/2008 BMW 328iexcesive charges/violation consumer rights

I bought a 2005 325 i certified used car, the car had a defective axle, and the dealership agreeing take the car, return the down payment, payments made and place me on a safe same year or newer, they replaces with a 2008 328 i, more expensive, they told me that they will give me a credit the amount of 18, 000.00(eighteen thousand for the balance of the car) they later added the credit back to the new loan, plus change 5, 000 (fivethousand) higher the price of the vehicle, they told me that I need to comeback the next day for the check with the down payment and payments, when got to the deleardhip they told me that dd a trade inn(i never trade the car) and that the deal was close, I ryed to speak with the Braman BMW President, The Braman Bmw Gral Manager, The President of BMW of N.A and my efforts were unsucesful, I was making payment higher that was told, my nsurance premum went up, and they did not returned the monies are the promesd, I was on June 28, involved in accident( was not at fault) that the 328 i did not show as me not be the legally owned, when i pull the records the 325 i and 328 i shows under my name, call BMW and because the other person did not have insurance cover, i went to report to BMW since they were the lien holders of the vehicle, two months after BMW thrum a phone call toll me that I did not have insurance coverage therefore they will pay for the repairs, and
add to the car loan, told then that neither BMW, neither my insurance United Auto, have mentioned that my coverage was canceled, I have not got my authorization to remove the car from the body shop.On August was told that I will get to month forbearance on the payments since I was severely hurt to help me to my recover, In November them through a phone call, that my car did not qualified for the forbearance because was an Special Purchase, they don't want to accept the car payments and they are accelerating the loan including the car body shop repair, plus another charges escalate the loan to 50, 000 dollars, which can pay at once,
the collection department has violated section 15 of u.s.c when they communicating my affairs with a third party with out my consent, have not give permission to or authorization to remove the car from the body shop, and have made payments to the account that they have not making accountable, they are threathing me with saling thecar f don pay the account in full, and take me to court for whatever balance left from the short sale
they have fail to give a MIni-Miranda warning, have not express permission from a competent jurisdiction to dispose my vehicle, and they refuse to make any payment arraignments on the installment since they have added charges that they have not incurred.


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