Blue Wave Constructionunethical behavior - lies

J Dec 26, 2019

Russell McLeod and his company Blue Wave Contracting Inc damaged our property then sought payment for work that was not performed. Blue Wave charged us $27, 000 as a down payment then asked for another $15, 000 when the work had already been agreed to in a contract. When we told Blue Wave to stop working on our home because we were uncomfortable with their massive increase and change of price, they stopped responding and wouldn't reply to emails or phone calls. They left our home a complete mess. This contractor has flat-out lied to our credit card company saying they completed the job and filed a lien on our house for $27, 000.
This experience needs to be brought to light. Our hope is this situation will open consumers eyes to both the predatory ease in which a licensed contractor in Washington State such as Blue Wave Contracting can completely take advantage of a homeowner and what little the home owner can do and how little the State will do to protect consumers in this situation.
I have confirmed with Blue Wave's sub-contractors - plumbers, tile supply company, cabinet vendor and others that none of the supplies we were told had been ordered, nor had they been paid for with our deposit money. None of the items needed for our bathroom remodel had actually been paid for by Blue Wave.
The contractor we hired to ultimately take over and finish the botched project and the licensed plumber that worked on our project have all confirmed the work done by Blue Wave was done improperly. Blue Wave used unlicensed plumbers to do plumbing in our home. Correcting these errors caused by Blue Wave have cost us more to fix than the value of their demo work. How a contractor can remove flooring improperly is beyond me, but they managed to do it. Flooring was removed from the bathroom and instead of cutting a straight line, they took out hardwood into the front entry of the house. New flooring needed to be installed unnecessarily and plumbing work needed to be redone.
We thought this was the end of the torture but no... Blue Wave filed a fraudulent and unsubstantiated lien on our property to try and collect $27, 000 for work that was never done AND lied to our credit card company stating he completed the entire project.
We are embarrassed to admit we did not do our research on Blue Wave prior to doing business with them personally. There are several active and ongoing disputes we have discovered with the Department of Labor and Industries as well as increasing numbers of horrible reviews online that echo our experiences with Blue Wave.

unethical behavior - lies
unethical behavior - lies
unethical behavior - lies

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