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I had a interesting visit at the San Bernardino BioLife plasma Center. I arrived at my appointment that I scheduled online at 1:20 PM when I checked in with the Woman at the front she asked me the last time I eat I told her I had a meal at 10 PM the night before and I had an English muffin and some coffee for breakfast she said. In a very condescending way that I needed to eat something now and that I needed to leave and come back that that was a big gap between My breakfast and my appointment. I told her I was not hungry, she said I’m sorry but you need to have a solid meal in your stomach I honored her request I came back I had my intake done and they moved me to have vitals taken however it was the same gal approached me she applied the blood pressure and found some good veins on one arm and then applied it to the other arm well it started to hurt she said I’m sorry your vein is not big enough on this side you need to go home and drink some more water. At that point I was already disappointed it irritated and insulted that this woman felt like she was running some kind of preschool. This was not a pleasant experience. She tried to humiliate me in front of several people.

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