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Do not stay here!! We booked this hotel for our honeymoon and the night we arrived a group of guys had pulled a grill out on the grass and was grilling and drinking. The next morning when we were leaving we seen that my car had been hit in the parkinglot. We reported to the front desk and their statement was that the only person that had access to view the parkinglot camera's were the manager and he was out of town. I called several times to speak with the manager and he avoided my phone calls and would not return my calls after several times of calling the person at the front desk said the manager had left a message incase I called back again to tell me that he didnt see anything on the camera's this was after a different person had told me that the camera should show where my car was parked. When we went to check out the person at the desk was extremely rude!!


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    felicit Jul 12, 2015

    I am currently staying at a best western hotel in the Chicago area of franklin park. I am here on business working for the Sears dock in Melrose. I have to be at my work at 6:30 sharp. I am being told by staff that I am not allowed to take my breakfast eat my breakfast in my room nor am I allowed to take any of my breakfast with me to eat in which I don't have time to eat it here as staff says I must do because of a policy they say they have. I asked to see such policy for I do travel often for my job and I have yet too experience any inconvience from any other hotel about the taking of food for my own consumption to my room or to work, to be eaten at a later time. Now, could you please tell me if such a policy does exist that as a customer or resident that I am limited to where and how much food I am allowed to eat or take with me because of work or any other reason I may have not to eat in the lobby of said hotel? I have asked to see the policy or rule but have yet to be shown any such thing.

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