Best Western Plus East Towne Suitesharrassment by employee: seth


Seth became irate and told me that I could not leave and that he would bill me for charges although I had not checked in, nor did I provide him with my credit card information. Seth continued to demand that I sign a document and pay for the room with tax. At this, I gathered my belongings and left the building. Seth yelled at me as I exited and followed me into the hotel parking lot yelling obscenities at me while there were onlookers in the hotel parking lot. Seth cursed and threatened me stating that he would have a full bill of charges placed on my credit card. In the hotel parking lot, Seth yelled my full name, calling me obscenities. Although I did not respond to Seth’s threats and yelling, I took his threats very seriously. I was overwhelmed with embarrassment and fear as Seth charged at me in the parking lot yelling at and threatening me. I later called Best Western customer service to place a complaint. I cannot understand how Seth could be so very cruel and angry as I had not checked into the hotel, I never even made it passed the customer service area. Seth’s behavior and treatment of me as a human being and as a potential guest of Best Western was full of hatred and totally inappropriate.


  • Hi
    HitWebDesign Jul 12, 2011

    what lead up to this? lol

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  • Ma
    manthissitesucks Jul 12, 2011

    Yeah. I was just going to ask the same thing. What's the beginning of the story? Lol

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  • Jb
    jbfirebird Jul 12, 2011

    as i have always mentioned before, there is almost always something missing from complaints on this site. people leave out informaiton that will sway the trust of the local populous if they post the entire story. it makes them look wrong.
    i especially agree with all of the comments posted thus far. there is something missing here. if your not renting a room, you are soliciting. but, i cant believe anyone would just start going after someone without any apparent reason.

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  • Ly
    lynn1insc Jul 12, 2011

    There are 3 sides to each story... Yours, his and the TRUTH!! I do find some of these stories quite entertaining though!

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  • we gotta go Jul 13, 2011

    Having had the unfortunate pleasure of staying at this property I completely understand how this could happen. The employees of this place are angry and brutal! I have had a string of obscenities hurled at me before I was even fully out of my car. Yes that's right employees will be in the parking lot ready to bring it on. It's a crazy place!

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  • we gotta go Jul 13, 2011

    Can we please keep it on topic? It is annoying to click on the new comment alert and see that it's just more people chattering about their friend or whatever. Thanks.

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