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I was solicited by phone by Bench Craft Company to purchase advertising space on a tee marker at a local golf course and the advertising was to be in place for a period of 24 months. A day later the "sales manager" of Bench Craft Company called me and told me he could offer me the same deal at two other nearby golf courses. I accepted his offer and my credit card was charged for 3 separate "contracts" a total of $1125.00. A few days later when I received the "contracts" there were discrepancies as to where the advertising was going to be placed. Instead of a tee marker for 24 months the 2 other ads would now be placed on a bench and on a ball washer and for a period of 12 months each. I phoned to complain. And I felt the products and services had been mis-represented to me and simply wanted Bench Craft Company to fulfill their agreement to me and give me what they had offered me. After being passed from one department to the other in the end no one would take responsibility for the offer and when I said that in that case I would like the credit card charges to be refunded they said the "contract" was "non-cancellable" then they also sent me a letter informing me about the legal ramifications if I attempted to somehow get my money back. I have already contacted my credit card company and will dispute 2 of the 3 "contracts". The attitude of this company is terrible and they are rip off artists of the first degree. Buyer Beware!

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Aug 11, 2019 10:05 pm EDT

yep they got me as well for an ad that comes out in July but yet now tells me Oct

Jan 05, 2010 12:28 pm EST

I received a phone call today on my business line from "UNAVAILABLE." I do not answer calls of this nature so I silenced the ringer and waited. The caller hung up on my voicemail, then immediately called back. That alone was weird. The second time, they left a voicemail message. The caller did not identify himself nor the company he was representing. He stated he was calling "on behalf of" a local golf course, the name of which he mispronounced horribly! Thank goodness he did, because it was a huge red flag to me. He left the number [protected] as a callback number. I researched the number and found all sorts of negative information and horror stories. Of course I did not return the call. Beware these people!

Jun 16, 2009 7:37 pm EDT

I agree I dealt with them and received a call today after I sent an email saying I was contesting the charge. When I mentioned [redacted].com they said oh there going out of business because of defamation of businesses.. They question you of being a man of your word, Yet the BBB of Portland has 132 compliants and D Rated.

I tried to call back Bench Craft within 1 1/2-2 hours of the order to cancel the order they gave me the run around and couldn't answer me as to how to cancel. I then called again same day an hour later to see if they had done anything to reverse the charge they gave me the run around again. They figure you'll just go away and they got your money.

The man in Portland said in advertising in media your stuck as soon as you give a credit card. Even though they haven't had time to have your order go to the printer yet. There is no product even in the works... Lies and psycobable... They try to make you think your stupid... Typical business technic of shady business people.


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