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Bell Canada / product complaint (poor customer)

Am Mar 30, 2019

Hi I bought google and iphone xr date 28 march 2019 and rought time 6.45pm and store employee told me you can pick up one phone store different location but still happy then I went other store location pick up iphone xr. I asked manager can you please exchange my google pixel 3 to google pixel 3 (xl). Manager told me not that not policy. I am using only 30 mint. I asked two times still same answer then next day I called bell customer service he/she told me not that your right within 10 days you can exchange. My bad luck phone fell down in ground some scratch in corne I am truck driver. End of day I went to store he/she told me not your has scratching. That mean bell customer service is very poor. He was not respect customer time

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