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I moved to my new adress in Mississauga back i June and changed all my telecommunications services fom Rogers to Bell. Bell advised methat my internet and Bell expressVu would be free for te first three months. I have yet to see this on my billing. Also I get calls from their credit bureau which is in Quebec and they leave French messages on my phone which I am appalled by because I do not speak French and when I call them back most of the oprators there I speak to in Customer service don't speak much English. They call me every month saying my account is overdue when in fact I received my billing with a zero amount. I keep explaining my circumstnces to one of the customer service reps who finally speak and understand some English and everytime I advised them I spoke with someone and everything has been lceared up they tellme that there is nothing writtenin their system about my previous conversations.

I am so livid that I am seriously thinking of going back to Rogers because they have customer service reps in Ontario and their messages when left are in English first rather than French, and/or they give you a choice.

The way Bell Canada handles their accounts is not personable. I feel as if I don't really matter to Bell anymore as long as they get their money. Also they way they are handling my account byt puting me thrugh their collections company that call me monthly after I have paid my bills on time can give me a bad credit rating. Something has to be done becuase when I ask o speak to a Manager there is no one ever available to speak with me. This is not a way to run a company who wants to keep their customers. I have had several people who have bell say the same thing and everyone is getting frustrated with their services.


  • Valerie Oct 31, 2008

    So, I figured after arguing with a CSR Supervisor for over an hour this afternoon, I'd write something to add to this long rant on Bell Canada.

    I am on a prepaid service for over a year non subscribing to a 2500 text message per month plan. This was great for months and months until the 22nd of October. This is when I realized I was being charged for every text message I've recieved between the 22nd and today. Considering I hadn't recieved any message or letter or anything about these new charges, I wanted to be credited back for this. Although I know I had been charged for more than the 100 text messages left in my Inbox, that is the only money I asked for because it's the exact number I knew, so I figured $15.00 would be quite fair in return for the charged messages with no notification.

    I then went to an Aliant store and had been told that I would have to call Customer Service for any help, which I understood but it unfortunately had been closed. So I waited until today. I called and got a hold of some young girl who told me there is nothing she could do and that it is a self managed account, so I "should of known" about the new texting charges. Should of known? I was unaware that I would have to visit Bell each day to make sure they did not decide to add a new charge. I then figured I should just talk to a supervisor and the young lady agreed.

    After waiting about a half hour on hold, I finally got through to a supervisor. This lady procedeed to tell me that I should of known about the charges. I explained that I hadn't recieved any notice about ANY new charges and didn't realize I should call Bell each day to find out about any changed. She talked more about many things that made no sense, and the decided to tell me that I had a "No Mail" indicator checked. Which in my point of view, meant "No, I don't want to hear about any new services you are offering and I'd like to keep the Long Distance plan I already have." But in her eyes this meant that Bell does not have to notify you of any new charges directly related to your account. After arguing with her more and more, she decided she could credit my account $5.00 as a "PR Gesture" Obviously, I figured that was ridiculous and we argued more and more with her talking over every word I said. She told me I was irrational for asking for $15.00, which I thought was minimal considering I was charged for more than that unknowingly. After her yelling at me some more, she decided that she could move the credit up to $10.00, and obviously I was still upset with this. I told her, if I can't be credited for the amount I had been charged for atleast, I'd have to go with Rogers or Telus. I was OUTSTANDED by her answer for this one. Her exact words, "I guess that is what you'll have to do." WHAT?! I couldn't believe that the Bell Canada Customer Service Supervisor just told me to leave the company and go with a competitor, all because she wouldn't credit me the minimal amount I was asking for. So we fought some more and she proceeded with a bottom line of "It's either $10.00 or nothing." And was about to hang up on me. Obviously I atleast want something before this woman hangs up on me, so I stated that I want the $10.00 and for it to go down on record that this is not satisfying me as a client, and I am moving companies, and this small credit isn't a "shut me up" She then decided to hang up on me.

    After all this, I only ended up with a $10.00 credit still, but I've emailed Bell, and I'm hoping for them to help me out a bit. I'm amazed at what has happened to Aliant because of Bell. It had always been known as one of the best phone comapnies in Nova Scotia, and is now the most hated.

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  • Be
    BellSucks Mar 11, 2009

    Bell Canada is the worst company in Canada.
    I had similar problems with them when they charged me for Jamster service that I didnt register for. They kept telling me I registered with my phone. I showed them every text in the inbox and sent box that matcehd every text charged for on their bill and none of those showed me confirming any jamster service.
    They still continued to refuse to refund me. I cancelled my service with them. I hope they go bankrupt.

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  • Am
    A.M.M. Oct 26, 2010

    I got this letter from Bell Canada, with my name and address on it, a Notice of Disconnection from the VP of Billing Credit and Collections, saying my account is past due, and that service will be discontinued. I'm amused because payment has never been a problem. And this letter has an owing of $110. I look at the account number and do not recognize it. I check it with my monthly Bell statements, and see that its not my account number.

    So I call 310 BELL. The rep tells asks me some ID questions and tells me it is an internet account for my home address. I tell him my real account number, he pulls it up, tells me there's nothing wrong with my account, and that he will have to put me through to the internet dept., to clear up the letter's issue. So I go on hold and wait. And wait. 25 minutes later, he tells me that he has not forgotten about me, and that its taking a long time to find someone in the internet dept. He tells me I should call early next morning when its "not so busy". I ask him if I can talk to the VP of Billing, the fellow who signed the letter, and of course, our rep cant forward my call that way. So I tell him, ok, have someone from the internet dept., call me, instead of me having to call BELL and wait to clear up something that has nothing to do with me. He goes, o sorry we dont place outbound calls that way...

    Beautiful... 30 minutes of my life wasted on Bell basically, for unknown [censor] that hasnt been resolved yet.

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  • He
    Helen Kerekes Jun 17, 2013

    It appears that frustration over Ma Bell's treatment continues to grow. I have been a Bell customer (mostly phone) for 38 years. I also added Internet some years ago. All was well at first however these last two years service has declined. I have had consistent problems with my Internet going down and extremely slow speeds. I have spoken endless times to tech service to deal with the problem yet it continues to get worse. They keep telling me the problem is fixed but it isn't. My Internet is almost unusable at this time because it goes does after about thirty minutes or less and doesn't come back unless I physically go down and re-power the modem. In this past week I have spoken to techs and keep getting transferred from person to person with resolution. I have been told they will check my lines and call back... NOT! I finally got a supervisor who gave me a spiel about how conscientious he was and he will help...NOT! He never got back to me as well. I cancelled my service and then the argument continues on why and what can they do. I had to wait endless times while I was put on hold while the CSR talked to unknown persons. I finally lost it and said that I will pay you to let me go. There was no amount of perks or discounts you can offer me that will convince me to continue as a customer. After forty-five minutes I was finally given a confirmation number and just in case I got the CSR's name and employee number. I suspect that final billing will be a nightmare if you read the forums about Bell complaints.

    Bell, if you read this note; Once you were a solid and reliable company that was the pride of Canada. You are now rated as one of the worst companies in Canada for customer service and satisfaction. As more and more customers jump ship the once proud Bell will go the way of the dinosaur.

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