Bealls Outlet Store #121I am complaining about the store manager walkiria

1 Aug 02, 2019

I started working at Bealls outlet store #121 for more than a month now. I have made two separate requests one due to testing in school test took place on July 13, 2019. The second request was for a personal issue involving family. I had made both requests 2 weeks in advance as it should be. Now July 13, 2019 she had denied the request because she said she can't have two cashiers out on the same day take note that at this store we only have 3 cashiers, now a week after she told me that I was the only cashier working one cashier was on vacation and the other had the day off. After that week went by she gave my the 13th off. Now that same July 13th I made a request for August 2nd - August 5th A day later she denied my request once again. I told her I need the days off due to personal matters she made no comment about it. Today August 2nd I called and said I can't go to work today and she said ok find someone to cover for you I agreed and I found someone. My co worker agreed to cover for me minutes later the manager Walkiria called me with her personal phone number saying that if I don't show up august 3rd for work to not showing up ever again and hung up right after. The way she spoke to me was very unprofessional, very disrespectful, and very unnecessary. I shouldn't be threatened about getting fired that's very unethical.

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