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I had worked hard for this company for over 3 1/2 years. After your 3rd year you get a pretty good retention bonus. However, in the past year my department had been deteriorating. The work environment was extremely unprofessional and loud. The bank is a good old boy bank, privately owned. My manager was married to a high ranking official so she instilled fear in those that opposed her. My immediate co-worker suffered greatly at bullying from my manager and this included ridicule at times. Everyone saw this, but because of fear they just watched it happened. Others on the team enjoyed the good life, surfing the internet, personal calls and one even conducted his personal real estate business on the clock, yet my co-worker and I were persecuted. Eventually I could not handle the stress of the place and had to quit. Another employee on my floor had similar complaints and she quit and received unemployment benefits. However, I was denied. I want to know why they granted benefits to a white female in a predominately white bank, yet denied benefits to a hispanic male? She quit just like I did. This bank reeks in discriminatory practices. I was lied to when told that my HR complaints were taken seriously and actions taken. NOTHING was done and the discriminatory practices in my team continued.

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Jan 19, 2016 3:03 am

You must know that Beal Bank is a whole sale securities bank of which Beal is a VULTURE funder on the front end and a vulture INVESTOR in hedge funds on the secondary market on the back end (with syndication in the middle of which he takes a senior position from weakened or insolvent stock holders of companies that HE HIMSELF COLLAPSES FOR INSURANCE PROCEEDS AND TAX WRITE OFFS. LNV Corporation is an offshore holding company which does not exist in these United States which is why it is incorporated in Nevada. Many deed conveyances go to LNV Corporation on a day PRECEDING WHEN THEY WERE INCORPORATED, WHICH IS NOT LEGAL IN THE STATE OF NEVADA OR ANY OTHER STATE. Beal commits fraud and criminality making Bernard Madoff look like a CHOIR BOY. Now Beal has recently bought a 100 million dollar home (probably to make the first TX gambling casino IN HIS PRIVATE CASTLE) of which this transaction is the highest in Dallas' real estate history. This was acquired with DIRTY money and grand larceny of many homes AND ILLEGAL INSURANCE PROCEEDS AND DOCUMENTS that he fabricated --placed in land record offices and courts of law around the nation to give himself the illusion of standing. His day is coming! Count on it. RACKATEERING, CONSPIRACY, MALICIOUS ABUSE OF PROCESS, BRIBERY, SECURITITIZATION FRAUD, PONZI SCHEME, LACK OF PAYMENT HISTORIES, JUDICIAL ABUSE OF PROCESS, JUDGE SHOPPING, TAX EVASION, MONEY LAUNDERING INVOLVING INTERNATIONAL TRANSACTIONS, INSURANCE FRAUD... AD NAUSEUM AD INFINITUM. Nor can Beal and his minions or henchman (which he pays to robo sign affidavits and be at his criminal beckon call) explain his close association with GWB, Jenkens & Gilchrist, illegal abusive tax shelters benefitting America's most high net clientele, and Deutsche securities. Make sure you write that down J. Pat Heptig! Beal and minions can share a cell with Ken Paxton amongst some other Texas politicians covering for him!

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Jun 12, 2014 3:03 am

CLMG CORP. & LNV & BEAL BANK Are bunch of thieves. The stole too much money from our commercial loan.
I am surprised that a Bank at this age still exists with unfair business practices.
I will never take a loan with this bank again in my lifetime.
I will never recommend anyone to take a loan with Beal Bank or CLMG Corp. Or LNV Corp.
All must BEWARE.

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Nov 21, 2013 3:03 am

I was have NEVER been given a fair housing right act. 2008 Chase began foreclosing on me leaving me what I thought was NO CHOICE but to file chapter 13 to keep my home. They sold my note(?) many times one being to Beal Bank which does not do mortgages loans. They have set me up to fail and shoved me in a corner trying to keep me paying them knowing full well I have a disabled daughter who depends on her stable environment of the only walls and bedroom she’s known. This is why I’ve kept the same land-line phone number for 24 years. 2008 is when the government was coming down on them for fraud and they’ve kept my case hidden not knowing any better. They are trying to foreclose quickly on me yet again! WE NEED HELP! I’M BEGGING PLEASE?
I’ve just learned I’ve been a victim and need your strength and protection for my rights. I’ve been here more than 16 years on a balloon note of 10.8% finance because my then husband was in chapter 7. They’ve went up on my payments from $836.49 to almost $1, 800 a MONTH! They are counting on no one listening to me! I have tons of fraudulent documents someone needs to see. Chase is still in business and still bulling! Please, PLEASE HELP MY FAMILY!?! I was awarded quick claim deed in divorce 2002. Because loan remains in my ex-husbands name They REFUSE to refinance, modify, assumption although I've been the one making the payments since 2002 and my now husband has the credit approval to buy, they will not even let me sell it to him.
Rebekah Youngblood
8505 Hale Road
Hixson, TN 37343
[email protected]
Thank you!

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