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Barrister Global Servicesdishonest about payments

Exceedingly dishonest about payments. They will quote you and promise you one thing, and then not honor their commitment. They will get you on-site for a service call, and if it be4comes complicated, will verbally promise you an hourly rate, or an increased flat rate, and then when it comes time for payment, they will deny ever making any such commitments, even if your have names, times, and the end-user's signature.

If you try to secure your rights to payment you were promised, they will stop using you. They go through technicians like water through a sieve as a result of this.


  • Ci
    cinnaducky Aug 16, 2009

    My husband has been working for barrister since June 29th and has done several jobs for them and it took them 1 month just to get him his training check when he was assured that he would receive it in 2 weeks. Now it has been over 1 month that he did several jobs for them and they refuse to pay him. They always have the answering machine on so that they cannot take live calls, and then they don't call you back, they e-mail you back. We were told that his check was on the way over 1 1/2 weeks ago and that another was suppose to be cut Friday. I have told them that we are going to report them to the BBB and labor commission and the bottom line is that they don't care!!! BARRISTER GLOBAL SERVICES IS A BIG RIP OFF COMPANY!!!

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  • Pc
    PCTech4484 Aug 18, 2009

    Doing an internet search about BARRISTER GLOBAL SERVICES, you will find nearly ALL complaints are from techs who are LATE in getting paid or not paid at all.

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  • Oo
    ooops Aug 21, 2009

    I had been signed with this company and they recently called me to do some work. I accepted and then decided to read up on them and discovered these horror stories, hilarity ensues. I decide just to not show up and ignore them if they call me. In the span of one hour they called me about 15 times and left me quite a few voice messages. Some innocent person in middle management wasn't able to have their laptop up-and-running for a meeting, but I wonder how Barrier feels being on the recieving end?

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  • Th
    Thomas Weeks Oct 05, 2009

    you people need to learn the ropes of Barrister before you go and write bad comments about the company...
    Number 1 if you have a pay issue you need to contact [email protected] and if that fails then contact Debra Bower the owner of the company. I have had my share of late payments but on all cases if I contacted Debra then she would in return contact pay issues and get it straightened out every time!
    Number 2
    If you are quoted a price and when you get on the job and it last longer then you think it should have then you need to contact Ashley Smith and see about getting the rate changed to hourly. She has never said to no to me when this has happened.
    All in all Barrister is a good company that is growing every day and yes there will be issues from time to time and if you learn to use the right channels with them then you will get the answers you need.
    I stay busy with them and am happy with the company and like i said if you not get an answer you like then take it to the next level and ask for their supervisors.

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  • Sc
    Scherkys Jan 04, 2010

    Thomas Weeks seems to be the only one who has had a favorable experience with Barrister. I worked for them for about 4 months, between work opportunities, and spent an average of 8-10 hours/wk trying to get my money for work performed. My time is certainly more valuable than the minimal amount I was paid for each job.
    I also, had several situations where money for a job was under quoted and was more extensive than the work order stated. I NEVER got paid for what I was verbally promised. It is a shame that I expended so much effort to collect what should be their (Barrister's) responsibility.
    As for learning the right channels, nowhere is it stated in the training material how to procede with collections, rate quotes, or even payment greivence issues. Very convenient for them.
    Furthermore, Barrister claims that each job is posted with an email to all technician's in a geographical area and all techs have an "equal" chance to get the work. NOT SO! Each dispatcher calls whomever they want before the jobs are posted through email. In essence, the techs are promised work, however only get the slop left overs which no one else wants. GOOD LUCK with that one! This company is run like it has cash flow issues and treats their technician's with the utmost disrespect. Good riddens. I strongly recommend staying clear from this company unless you want to pay to work!

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  • Da
    David Hamm Jan 07, 2010

    This company is systematically stealing money from field Engineers. I have been in the computer gardware repair business for 28 years and fortunatly they only owe me $ 180.00. I am glad I went to this site and read up on them because they owe some techs alot more then that. Next stop...the Louisanna Governors office.

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  • Tx
    txbars Jan 29, 2010

    My husband has worked for Barrister since 2007. Though we do have to monitor our payments, and sometimes payments are late, we have never not gotten paid. They are a growing company and we have seen changes/improvements over the last two years. They now send an email verifying receipt of your RFS. If you do not get that email, you will never get paid. We get a lot of work through them and have developed a great relationship. We have no complaints!

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  • Th
    TheForrest Mar 15, 2010

    "You People" like Thomas Weeks need to realize that Barrister abuses their own policies and does not follow them. I have been working for them off and on since around 2000. When things got slow, I would take their calls, but it is always a hassle getting paid, and getting paid what I'm promised. Every one hour service call takes at least an additional 15 minutes to manage, and track, and verify payment. In the last three years, it has gotten much worse.

    I have many jobs where I got the bloody email, got the customer to bloody sign it, bloody emailed and faxed it in, got acknowledgment of the receipt of the signed RFS, got a bloody closing confirmation number, and they still say they will not pay me because their internal system does not show me having done the job, even though they admit it hiccups from time to time. There was one time where their system totally died and lost records. And even though I had the paperwork and the signatures, they wouldn't pay me because it wasn't "in the system", and even if the system did die and lose records two months earlier, the system is perfect. Anybody seen Brazil?

    I have many jobs where, upon arriving on site, I found the job to be far more complicated than they originally stated, or something else has gone wrong that prevents me from doing what I was sent to do, or some other type of aberration from initial scope of work has occurred, and then dispatch/tech support authorizes an upgrade to an hourly rate or a higher base pay, and when I submit the paperwork, they pay just the original amount. They have told me I was supposed to have a new email that describes the payment upgrade. And it doesn't matter if I'm somewhere I can't get an email or fax, and it doesn't matter if I have the name and extension of the supervisor who approved the upgrade, and it doesn't even matter if I have a non-system-generated-RFS email from the supervisor approving the upgrade, and it doesn't matter if I have an email from another employee confirming that the notes for the call do state an upgrade was authorized by a Supervisor, accounts payable will not honor the upgrade. I ask them if I am supposed to just leave the customer's site if I can't get written proof of the upgrade as an RFS, and they say no, then I wouldn't get paid even for the original RFS amount. Accounts payable will actually tell you that when you except a job, you are bound to complete it no matter how long it takes and no matter what complications there are.

    I have gotten calls where supervisors are begging me to take a call that pays $45 for a three hour drive and 45 minutes onsite, with promises that if I take this one for the team, they'll fix all the other stuff and make nice. And because I always like being nice, and giving people chances to make things up, I solve their problem. And then accounts payable makes liars out of them.

    And then they will insist that you have to close a call out while onsite, but then make you sit on hold for forty minutes, hang up on you, then make you sit on hold for another half an hour, just to close the call. And then they threaten you with fines of more than double the service call rate if you break any of their precious rules. They can waste your time, for any reason in the world, and that's okay with them. But dear Lord forbid anything should happen to prevent you from toeing their line to absolute bureaucratic perfection. They do until others as they would NEVER want anyone to do unto them.

    And then if when a guy really makes a concerted effort to collect on these non-payments/underpayments, they drop you like a hot potato for any other service calls. It's almost like they realize they don't have the sucker they want anymore, so don't let the door hit you on the butt on the way out.

    Some people might say that's extortion, fraud or both. I don't know, that's just Barrister, bless their little hearts.

    So if you want to work for Barrister, be prepared to work at one third or less of going industry rates and resign yourself to losing around 10% of what they tell you they will pay you.

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  • Ex
    ExhaustedMom Apr 12, 2010

    They have always been slow, but checks always arrived. Now I'm going on 3 months for one awful job completed - most of the time spent on the phone, wasting precious time. $175 and I want it now! Emails and phone calls ignored. Next, I send them a bill with a LATE CHARGE.

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  • Ex
    excellent Company Mar 25, 2011

    Yes all you guys are correct, this [censor]ing company is pathetic way beyond, very unprofessonal, they need to pay the tech on time with out any fees like peed pay, what the [censor] is speed pay, you worked for your money, its nor like they are sending the check next day, any way my friends if you need to get some info, keep sending them emails. some one will return ur mail. take care .

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  • Ho
    Hooper 64 Mar 30, 2011

    I've been doing off and on work for Barrister. Yes, they are an ackword company. Sometimes the tech support people they hire have no clue. If you have a "quick question', its better to use google than sit and wait on hold for an hour. Hold times to open and close a call are excessive. I normally bring a prepaid phone to my service calls.. My prepaid phone carrier charges $2.00 a day for unlimited calling.. Otherwise I am chewing up excessive airtime on my normal cell phone. There was one instance where I was repairing an industrial printer at a business. I was suppose to contact support to determine what parts I needed to install. I sat on hold for two hours, I waited on hold till after 5 PM, the owner and several employees wanted to go home so I left it at that. On a couple of occasions, the end user called to thank them for sending me to finally fix their problem.

    They aren't the greatest company to work for, you never know what to expect, or what fire you have to put out when you go to a service call. On some occasions, you have to deal with an angry customer who had a half dozen services calls previous, and your the 3rd tech. I have sucessfully fixed quite a few issues that other techs missed.

    On a positive note, I live in a rural area where techs are hard to find. I am the only tech they have within a 75 mile wide area. Barrister may treat me better than some of you. I agree, It takes awhile to be paid. It may take a month to 6 weeks, but I have been paid. I have been unable to find a full time job in 8 months. I am at least happy Barrister gave me some work when nothing was available. I wouldn't call them a "[censor]ing company".. They are definitely not a company to work for if you have years of IT Experience. If your looking for entry level IT work, or something to put on a resume.. It is at least a foot in the door and experience, IT work, end user support.

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  • Ma
    mary316 Aug 07, 2011

    I am done working with these barrister scam artists, only when they have burned all other techs in the area and they call and call about a particular case that no one else will go back on, due to the fact the original tech got burned, most likely they sent the wrong part or just a main board and a power supply is needed, and only before but not after, ever ever ever!!! Will they get you your additional money for being there any extra time, your CRS will say go ahead keep troubleshooting, we will pay you for your additional time on-site, at that point she is lying to you, she is lying to you, she is lying to you, same goes for their tech support dept, they are lying to you, it is yet to be seen if I will get additional monies for correctly diagnosing an issue after parts sent were not enough to fix the issue, I was told by my CRS she could submit a request for more pay, this has never ever brought me more money ever, not in the last 5 calls that ran over due to wrong parts sent.

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  • Ap
    ApalledCandidate Aug 17, 2011

    I had received a random call from this company in a recruiting effort and took it upon myself to research them. What kind of "great opportunity" has to seek people out, with the economy, any reliable company would have potential candidates pounding down their door.

    Thank you all for posting your experiences, this is something I will not pursue.

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  • Vo
    Voluntary Work Barrister Oct 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree with you all here. I am feeling the pain as well. What Barrister will do is to please you by making the first two payments in a timely manner to deceive you and thinking it is a good deal instead of sitting in the house applying for jobs that have fruitless interviews, you gear up to work harder for the so called Barrister and that, your nightmares begin. It is true they are taking advantage of the high number of highly qualified professionals who have been laid off. This company is a complete rip off and for those out there in a desperate situation like me, please find yourself something better to do. You complete the job out in the field for them and send in the papers. They get the complete work order then after a month or so they will send you an email saying WE CANNOT PAY YOU since we did not get the completed work order in time. Obviously Barrister got paid by HP or whoever the contractor is since the job got done but they dont care about there technician. But here is my advise, DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOUR MONEY YOU HAVE WORKED SO HARD FOR! Here is a solution we can all do to protest and to make sure our money is paid in a timely fashion.
    You all have records of the customers whom you have worked for and didn’t get paid. Call the customer directly and demand your money. Let them know Barrister has refused to pay you and since you worked for them, have them pay you and Barrister can refund them. If we all do this Barrister will learn there fate now or in the future. My kids will not go hungry again when I have worked so hard to get them what they deserve yet somebody out there is holding my money. Lets keep this campaign on the role!!!.

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  • Ba
    barrister tech Apr 27, 2012

    The work they quote over the phone is almost always much more complicated when you get onsite.

    for example they will say we just need you to go out and replace a paper tray for a printer.
    I will ask is this troubleshooting a problem or just a quick swap of a bad tray. They will say sure it's a quick swap.
    You wait on hold 5 to 15 minute to check in.
    Onsite you find out that the printer is jamming, no scanning, etc... You have to troubleshoot and order parts if necessary which takes way to long. Then after completed another 5 to 15 minutes to check out before leaving site. Then they hold you on the phone for 10 minutes to close the flipping call repeating the same long lingo every time. even if you have done 50 calls for them.

    They actually expect you to do service calls for like 25 to 45 dollars flat rate. It's ridiulous.

    Then the kicker is what they have called speedpay, now smart pay.
    terms pay is a check mailed to you in 30 days after call is completed in the system.
    smart pay is a direct deposit sent to you supposedly in 14 days, kicker is that they take like 10 or 15 percent of you paycheck for using the smart pay option.!!! BIGGEST CROCK I'VE EVER HEARD OF. Charging you 15 percent to use direct deposit which should be cheaper becaue they are not printing checks, envelopes, and postage.

    My advice for the tech, never accept the work on the first call, tell them you are booked up solid for 3 to 4 days.
    They will usually call back and offer you doulble the rate if you can squeeze them in.

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  • Je
    jeffyboy May 03, 2012

    Be warned...if you have ever been to jail, you have a clear picture of what it is like to be an employee of Barrister Global Services. In the short time that I have been an employee, the customer service and dispatcher departments are BOMBARDED by consecutive profanity laced emails from the owner's husband and department managers, threatening, berating, and haranguing employees who are not meeting the quota of 3 hours of "talk time" per day, nor meeting the mandatory quota of 20 closed calls per day. An hourly email is sent out listing each employee's ranking. At certain periods, your stats are yelled across a busy room. You sit in your chair 8 hours per day, no breaks except for an hour lunch. What they don't tell you is that in your search for a tech to perform said repair, you cannot find them because NO ONE wants to work for them because of their "payment methods, " making it literally impossible to reach their required goals. I've had techs curse and hang up on me. The tricks they employ to get techs to sign on for the "speed pay" where they take "only" 13% to for them to be paid within 7 days of their completed job is underhanded and sneaky. If their policies are not followed "verbatium (used a great deal in their workplace), they will withhold payments to the techs. They claim that all of the negative posts are a scam by disgruntled techs. Not all of them...I am a former employee who can attest to their under-handed cruelty. They brag that they are part of Fortune's 5000 up and coming businesses; however, they have been in business since 1970 and still have not made it to Fortune's top 500. It is supposed to be a "WOMAN OWNED" business, however, her husband and sons have their hands in a great deal of the management of it. I would think twice before accepting a job with them, either as an employee, or as a tech.

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  • Ba
    Barrister Global Retard May 30, 2012

    Perfromed computer repair services for this company and they make every excuse to not pay you. They will ask you to go the site and replace a part that they diagnosed to fix the problem and ends up not being the correct dignosis. Then they say they aren't going to pay because you didn't sit on the phone on hold with their tech support person who doesn't have a clue how to fix a computer and is probably a ten dollar an hour ###. After I tell them that it needs a powersupply they ask if you bareboned teh computer and all this othet bs. The reason theya re asking is because they purchase the cheapest parts possible for their Staples Warranty repairs that sometimes it takes 2 or 3 nefore one shows up that actually works. And somehow the tech gets faulted and blamed for all this. STAY AWAY NOT WORT THE LOUSY 35 bucks. YEAH THATS REALLY ALL THEY PAY .If it wasn't practically next doorI wouldn't have bothered.

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  • Ju
    JustifiedComplained Jul 05, 2012

    Really? Email pay issues? Every single time a work order takes longer? This company has been in business how long? By now you should have a way to determine okay, this took 8 hours today, paying this guy $50 equates to $6.25/hr and minimum wage jobs pay $8/hr and this is skilled labor, in which printer techs are said to average $40, 000 a year which means about 19/hr. Let's adjust that automatically, or at least promote the discussion, since our call center reps get paid hourly, and our techs get a measly $50.

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  • Ex
    Ex-Technician Aug 15, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Barrister will flat out steal your money!!! You will NOT get paid. They should build a special prison for these criminals. They are ### sucking trash.

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  • Ho
    hoochdude Sep 25, 2012

    Barrister owes my company over 5k, have turned them over for collections for the last year, now we are filling a case with the courts in their home town, word of advise, stay away from barrister, We have 5 techs all had barrister id's and for 2 years they paid ok, then hp pulled their contracts and it all went to hell. Cant see them staying around much longer, we will get only half of what they owe us when this it all over. Dont let it happen to you!

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  • St
    [email protected] Oct 02, 2012

    Barrister has been in business for over 35 years, serving customers throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. We have business relationships with most of the major OEM manufacturers and companies in the United States. We are a strong, capable company with a proven history of successful operation. We care a great deal about the perception of a client or a vendor and anyone with a concern should access company management via our company website

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  • Jb
    jbfirebird Oct 04, 2012

    [email protected]: you are obviously prepared to combat the negative feedback by copying and pasting the same thing over and over. most times, it doesnt have anything to do with the complaint. You know the company has an issue. instead of trying to sweep it under the rug, ; fix it.

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