AutoZoneunauthorized transactions / credit card fraud

D Oct 08, 2019

On Friday October 4th 2019 I was driving and my heater core blew out on my truck I've been stopped at an AutoZone to get either a plug or adapter to fix it where I purchased an adapter and hose clamps for around $7 and some odd sense. I paid for the purchase with my PayPal debit card which is linked to my bank account. After purchasing the adapter I went outside put it on my truck and was on my Merry way. After a few hours I stopped to get something from the store I noticed I did not have my card in my wallet. Later that evening I had my fiance call the store to see if they had my card the employee who answered the phone was very rude telling her there was no card there and she simply asked if you could check with other employees and he said I told you there's no cards here. So later on that weekend I'm looking for my card in my truck everywhere dirty clothes. I was thinking maybe I'd lost it somewhere however I didn't find it all weekend when Monday came around after not finding my card then I reported my card lost or stolen which is when I noticed five transactions on my PayPal account totaling over $1, 100. I am working with the police and the store right now to figure out what we're going to do about this but the manager said something about buyer's remorse... I damn near flew off the handle and busted his head. First off I am not a damn Thief and if I bought $1, 100 worth of parts and didn't want them I would definitely bring them back to get my money. Secondly does this guy think that I'm stupid? I'm beginning to wonder if the manager is not in on this stealing his self and how many times has it happened in the past no. Today I will be finding out who the single employee was that made the five transactions and I'm going to go to the store and have them present him in front of me and see if he wants to tell me that he seen me come in five times to make these transactions for some $1, 100 worth of parts that he sold me because if he does I'm going to beat the [censored] out of him and catch a charge but this son of a [censored] is not going to take $1, 100 out of my pocket I promise you that


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