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I am sending a letter which I sent to the company's president.

I am writing you this letter not to ruin other peoples life but hoping that this
will be an eye opener to you, the management and who ever needs to know what.
This is my first time ever in my entire work experience to write a letter of
complaint to the people who needs to know what is really happening inside the

I am Ms. Katheryn Enriquez, I served your company for 15 months and I must
admit, that I found a family your company. I loved my job, Im at my best
everyday I go to work like it's my first day. I thought I will be working in
this company for 5 more years, but my views have changed. I hate to say this but
right now management's getting worst. People working there don't want to speak
about what is really going on because they are afraid they might be the bosses
apple of the eye. But I think it's time to stand up and fight for what is right.

Last Sept. 14, 2010 I filled an immediate resignation because of one Incedent.
At around 5am to 6am Mr. Steve Kaay called my attention and said he wanted to
talk to me. Entered his office with my superior Ms. Miracle Sy. He asked me
about a certain call that happened earlier that day. I gave him details and
whole heartedly admitted that I disconnected the call because the customer keeps
on cursing, I warned him 3 times sir, however I am unable to help him if he wont
cooperate so I disconnected the call. Mr. Kaay's claiming that according to the
customer I criticized the customer and said that the customer was a "Racist
Pig". Sir if you will check my performance and my commendations from the
customer, I can say that I wont do such thing. The battle here is my word
against the customer's word. And so after the conversation Mr. Kaay told me that
MAYBE there is a language barrier because the customer told me that "IF I WERE
IN THE US, PEOPLE WON'T UNDERSTAND ME" right then and there Mr. Kaay advised me
that, he is suspending me '"with pay" and will not come back to work until they
said so since they need to investigate on what happened. Sir if you'll read
between the lines whose being racist? My point here sir is that, I hope you
understand, all companies don't just suspend people. It needs to go under a
process on which they need to serve me an IR (Indecent Report), Investigate,
then that's the time you tell me what's my suction, but instead, what happened
here was Mr. Kaay VERBALLY said that I am suspended with out at least serving me
the IR. If I am not mistaken on the IR itself it states there that "I HAVE 24-48
HOURS TO ANSWER THE SAID IR" how am I suppose to do that if I am already
suspended. Sir, sorry if there are some words that I use that might be
inappropriate, but again, I am sending you this email not to mean harm, but to
open the upper managements eyes on what is really going on. Going back, Ms Jean
Pedraza spoke to me and gave me an OPTION but not a CHOICE. This is what I have
been told by Ms. Pedraza which triggered me to file an immediate resignation:
"You are in preventive suspension, however, right now I am giving you an option
because, WHAT IF, you found guilty, and when you come back we need
to terminate you, that's not good on your record because when your next employer
calls us for background check WE WILL TELL THEM THAT YOU ARE TERMINATED". Sir
according to: Labor Code of the Philippines
Security of tenure (art. 279, LC) – the right not to be removed from a job
without valid cause and procedure – extends to regular (permanent) and
non-regular (temporary) employment, [2] managerial and rank and file employees
alike.[3] Probationary employees also enjoy security of
tenure.[4] (
Article 264. Prohibited activities, Article 272. Penalties for violations
(Art. 282-286: Termination)

ART. 282. Termination by employer. – An employer may terminate an employment for
any of the following causes:
(a) Serious misconduct or willful disobedience by the employee of the lawful
orders of his employer or representative in connection with his work;
(b) Gross and habitual neglect by the employee of his duties;
(c) Fraud or willful breach by the employee of the trust reposed in him by his
employer or duly authorized representative;
(d) Commission of a crime or offense by the employee against the person of his
employer or any immediate member of his family or his duly authorized
representatives; and
(e) Other causes analogous to the foregoing.

If you were in my place sir how will you react and what will you feel? I felt
like she's threatening me. I am not guilty but the initial human reaction when
you hear those words coming out of her mouth, you will be De-motivated, which is
not good. I know it will affect my work performance, plus I don't want to give
my superior headache that's why I decided to resign.

Honestly sir, top performing agent are resigning because of the
management.Agents are de-motivated because they get lesser and lesser
incentive every month. CAT's work hard to save your costumes but they get LESSER
what agents gets. Maybe its just money, but for people who has family we look at
it in a different way, especially for single moms like me. It's not easy for me
to resign knowing that I have a 6 year old kid that I need to support. It's not
that easy sir. If you will check the rate of those people who stayed and were
terminated or resigned before Ms. Pedraza take over, there are less people who
resign, now look at your rate. Resigned or end of contract employee rates high.
It's not good sir. Human resources should be Pro agent or at least NOT ONE
SIDED, because for all she knows agents are the one who take care of the
customers. Sir I hope you get my point. Everything is chain reaction, if they
are well compensated, management take care of them, human resources do the right
thing, then you'll get a lot of employees to stay. Sir people are planning to
resign and they are the good ones. Few is enough please don't let others go.

Katheryn "Brooke" Enriquez


  • La
    larry bohannon Apr 22, 2009

    they sent wrong parts, went over two times to get it right, then made me pay to send parts back and a restocking fee, could not undedrstand people on phone, did not speek understandable english

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  • An
    anonymouse_employer666 Sep 23, 2010

    I worked on this company way back in Makati. Management SUCK! That Steve Kaay guy is a corrupt! do people in Carson California even knows what he is doing to your employee's in Manila? This should be raised! way to go!!!

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  • Jo
    jordin Oct 11, 2010

    what a shame!!!that company will not prosper if the management itself is like that!STEVE KAAY dont you have a conscience!or you just dont know GOD?

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  • Ta
    taskforce-x Oct 12, 2010

    Management SUCK! That Steve Kaay guy is a corrupt! do people in Carson California even knows what he is doing to your employee's in Manila?...everything he does here its the company that pays from the house to the food he eats...everything that's why he enjoys here

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  • Em
    EmployeeOftheMonth Oct 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    thanks for your support guys...

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  • Em
    EmployeeOftheMonth Oct 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
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    Verified customer

    It was brought to my attention that this link was "US AUTO's HOT TOPIC". Hey guys, first of all, I didn't write this complaint to create a gossip out of it. Guys please. This is an eye opener on what is really happening inside the office. I want this to be a learning experience for all of you guys who's still in the office. I stood up for all of my friends that's still employed. I want some change even though I am not there anymore, I hate to see my friends resign because of what's happening in the office. Guys, it's not easy to find a new job. As much as possible I want change for you guys to stay... So please let's stop the gossips. For those people who have sent me messages, thanks. I appreciate your concern.

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  • Pi
    pinoylove Mar 07, 2011

    I know this Steve Kaay guy. He treats Filipino's like they are third rate people in their own country. I have heard from several people who worked for and with him at call centers in the Philippines that he is a racist. I wish I could post specific incidences but that would put people in jeopardy with their jobs if I did so. Let's just say it is well known that whenever he gets away with it he will treat a Filipino like a dog.
    He is also very unprofessional. He actually screams at his employees when he gets mad. Screams at the top of his lungs with profanities and insults. Complaints have been made to the corporate headquarters in the US but they turn a blind eye to this pig. I guess the corporate officers are just as racist as the country manager they sent to the Philippines from the US. He American coworker who come here can't stand him. He mistreats them when they come the the Philippines. They fly home and complain to corporate officers and yet he still remains.
    I will never understand how he keeps his job as Country Manager in a country that he openly mis-treats the local people. Yes, we need jobs, but don't deserve to work for ### like this guy.
    Is there a way we can organize and have him removed from the country. A place we can complain about his behavior and the way he treats people in their own country. He is after all a visitor here. Isn't there some government organization that protects Filipinos from ex-pats? I know if he acted the way he does here but in the US he would have lost his job a long time ago. Why would a US company allow a double standard like that?

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  • Em
    EmployeeOftheMonth Mar 07, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree pinoylove, I learned that Mr. Steve Kaay came from several companies / accounts he managed and eventually closed. I think this is regarding corruption of funds on the particular account. Which I was thinking why do sales people also split agents receives small amount of commission when it is suppose to be higher than that. Is he also doing the same modus as to what he did to his previous employer?

    yeah your right. we need to work on this and take it to the next level. not only he messed up with our dignity, he ruin everything about us.

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  • Bo
    BONOY Aug 17, 2011


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  • Mc
    mcFelix Feb 24, 2012

    I Disagree

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  • Gl
    glashtin Jul 21, 2014

    Steve works for a company that is for the most part a bunch of lairs and he is no better help himself. Never do business with this company or any of his DBA's. BUYER BEWARE!!!

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    US Auto Parts Network, Inc. DBA USAPN Inc.
    Kool-Vue 1.702.553.3995 310-735-0561

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