AutoNation Margatefinance manager

Ma Oct 08, 2019

In April 12, 2019, I bought a 2019 Ford Escape Titanium. During the signing of the contracts with the Autonations Finance Manager Jeff Almodovar sold me GAP insurance. However what he presented at that time was not an accurate explanation of the GAP insurance. He told me although I did not need it, it was a good idea in the event my vehicle was totaled within the next few weeks and that if I paid it in full I would get a prorated refund if I cancelled it within 6 months. He even advised I write down the 6 months date and call him then and he would gladly cancel the GAP insurance. This was witnessed my a friend I had with me. On Monday September 30, I emailed him to request to do this, he did not answer me. I left calls on Tuesday, October 1, Wednesday October 2, and Thursday, October 3, each time explaining to the operator I wanted to cancel the GAP insurance, and I even asked for his manager, whom I left a voicemail for [although I could not understand his recorded name]. Finally, on the afternoon of October 3, I called and just asked to speak with anyone in finance and I was immediately put through to Almodovar. He at first could not understand why I wanted to cancel and asked if I sold the car. I told him I had paid 32% of the car off and wanted to cancel as we discussed during the purchase. He said that $799 was the interest on the GAP and it gets refunded to the bank not me, which is NOT what he said when he sold it [this was also witnessed as I had him on speakerphone]. My contract showed the $799 was applied to my down payment, which I was not told at that time and I did not notice at the time I signed. I asked when he worked as he said I had to come in the dealership, so he could record the mileage and sign paperwork. He said I work everyday except Tuesday. I asked when he would be in on Friday and he told me he comes in at 11AM, but did not want to set up an appointment. I told him I would be in at 11:30 AM and he said if he was not busy he would start the "process to cancel the GAP." I then called my salesman, Anthony Amengual, who is awesome. He spoke with Almodovar's supervisor who told him that GAP has to be purchased in this manner and it is not sold alone but as part of the contract. Which is not what Almodovar said. At this point I feel I have been scammed, that this is a bait and switch to get a sale and that Mr. Almodovar only cares about the money and has no customer service skills. His failure to return my email and phone calls is not acceptable to me. I have been an Autonations Margate customer for awhile and always dealt with Mr. Amengual and Mr. Spehar in Service, these two employees epitomize customer service. The conduct of Mr. Almodovar has soured my relationship with Autonations and I am not sure that I will return as a customer. I have shared this incident with numerous friends of mine who area also customers here and they were shocked that an employee there would act like this. I called the Autonations GAP insurance on Monday October 7, and spoke with Ashley, who in 5 seconds easily explained the GAP insurance and how the funds are prorated and applied. It is a shame that one employee can change a customers opinion of entire organization.

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